What does the 5d6d forum strategic adjustment give us

the latest news, has been said to close the 5d6d territory forum finally came to an end, today officially opened a new domain name haotui.com, and announced that: the original 5d6d data migration to push free forum forum, and in the announcement that Lord needs to transfer data must comply with the provisions of the four. As my domain friends, you will continue to do? For my territory of this kind of measures, but also to webmaster friends what thinking?

‘s friends who have been in contact with 5d6d should know that my territory was the first to shut down forums, prohibit publishing news, shut down video features, and have to change domain names. Some of the subsequent announcement and so on, the entire site positioning the final revision, the new domain name on the line, this one indeed can give the webmaster friends some thoughts, the guardian sorted out, I hope everyone can give some help. read more

What skills do you need to build your website

website is a mysterious and challenging work, each person contact things and properties are not the same, each site will have their own unique mode of operation that today let us together with an analysis of individual stationmaster operation angle and the company operating point of thinking and understanding. Whether personal webmaster or company staff, in such a sacred job, should be specific such ability. So today, let’s work out what skills are needed to build a web site, and how those skills need to be applied. read more

Physical electricity supplier in WeChat on some of the gameplay

this discussion of electricity providers only physical sellers in WeChat’s gameplay and some ecology.

sellers enter WeChat several common reasons:

1, listen to people say, WeChat marketing have to do, do not regret it, and then opened it.

2, run, friends sold fake goods.

3, WeChat is hours of open applications, traffic is very large, with these traffic to sell things.

4, take WeChat as a service, and promote repeat purchases.

the first kind, I’ll stop talking. The second kind is now very rampant, so there is that piece, "a friend selling luxury goods in a circle of friends every day, the first time I did not pay attention to her, the second time I did not pay attention to her, and the third time I pulled her black."". read more

Solve the problem of not included in the website and solve the strategy

now to a new station webmaster most headache problem, that is included problems. I do a friend crown web site, have done more than a month, or not been included, today I will be included in the new station for a slight analysis of the problem, I hope to optimize the SEO webmaster help.

site included questions

first of all, we first look at the new station, usually not included in which several forms of expression:

1, the entire site has not been included,

2, new home page has not been included, and the inside page has been included read more

Zhang Jiakun the industry forum has become a good direction for the success of the Forum

has previously done a local comprehensive forum, called the Chengdu community (www.cdshequ.com). At that time, very excited, basically every day to each webmaster information station learning management, promotion, SEO and so on tutorial, and then study practice. For example: what activities are held, what is held to award registration ah, all of his friends to bring iron man to increase popularity, but has been unable to make big breakthroughs. Eventually failed, and now I am placed in that place, let it free development, not much attention, usually delete ads on the OK. Failure, I ended the failure of the reasons: read more

Think about the three major blog systems and give some advice to the novice webmaster

did the blog for the first time. After the forum failed, the space and domain name were idle. Anyway, it was quite a while before it was expired. Why not use it?.

then began to search the Internet for various blog systems. The initial use of that kind of net friend development, low popularity of the blog system, with a period of time found that the function is not very complete, there are many bug. And then gave up a similar blog system, it is recommended that new Adsense must use higher popularity of the blog system. This is not only a functional problem, it is also very convenient to upgrade. read more

Local Forum promotion needs SEO and offline perfect combination

almost every city has its own local forum, such as: Hefei forum, local forum user base, mainly local netizens, of course, if the forum is bigger and stronger, it will attract other people to visit. The promotion of local forums requires a perfect combination of SEO and offline. A forum is most important for popularity, especially in the early stage of the forum operation. At this time, almost no one knows the forum. You need to have a professional forum management team, responsible for the daily maintenance work forum, including writing the original post, reply to u, the forum also need a good optimization in the preparatory work, to a place where friends of the forum as an example, we should pay attention to what aspects of read more

How to locate the local forum is the key

operation of local forum for more than two years, have some experience, I used to share with you.

I was in 2007 began operating in February Ganxian forum, also has been done before the campus portal station and some other music station what, but there is no perseverance, or sense of direction is not strong, have to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled stopped at last.

now this forum from 2007 operation, and now has achieved some results, the current number of registered people is about to break through 10000 people, this is also due to the original grasp of the local market. Do website, in fact, do popularity, especially our local forum. Can not be bigger, the key point, the local people are on your forum? From search engines may only become traffic, they are not likely to last long in your forum, because your website is only a forum is dead on regional restrictions. Even if the occasional search came in, but also read the information, to get what they need to leave. Therefore, our customer base research should be localized to the local people. read more

How to choose the right product to place the site


is an individual station or an enterprise station, choosing a suitable product is critical to the operation of the website.

to think about it, there are many options for publishing our website on the Internet, such as virtual hosting (commonly known as space), shared space, renting VPS (VM hosts), renting servers, and hosting servers. With so many of our products, to stabilize the mind, not in disarray, or spend money, have not received good results.

for virtual hosting and sharing space, security is high, and customer technology input requirements are relatively low, usually without the need for professional technical personnel. Overall is the most economical solution for small businesses and personal sites, such as personal or business stations that do not have downloads or online video, and forums with less traffic. The price is usually 100~2000 yuan / year, usually the server configuration and location of the computer room determine the cost performance of space. And if a server put too much website, it will support the site very slow, and this space, the price is relatively cheap, so webmaster Comrades, select the virtual host, remember to ask the server configuration and placed the size of the space, the real position of the machine, and the best the service provider’s web site in the same room, because the IDC company will choose in all the room in one of the best to put your own website read more

3 years of site traffic flow method and promotion skills

first site 3GP download

that’s right. My friend and I are going to add up. Maybe when 3GP wasn’t so hot, it didn’t work out, but it’s been updated all the time. At that time, the rental server did not rent space, how much you forgot, he also happens to be in the Internet cafe network management, took the Internet bar inside the 10M fiber to do, so it began.

‘s open update technology updates some relevant articles that will open the website really simple, publicity people came to post their own will be like now to register. Registration opened 2-3 months the first advertisement to the name of the IDC is the new technology should remember a ah 400 dollars at that time do not know how many stations IP, I estimate that not many people buy advertising anyway, do a not satisfied, want to do a second mobile phone download station, talk time, choose a new cloud as a download system, then the new cloud looks very fire oh, DEDE hasn’t come out mobile phone movie download site. read more

nternet start ups for ten years only for the original dream and efforts

some people say that the blood of Zhejiang is also running entrepreneurial passion, this passion is inherent, Pentium endless. I think this is not only a passion, but also a mission. For this reason, I have struggled and prepared for ten years.

in 2000, the Internet in full swing, just graduated, I did not hesitate to defected to a network company, which is a company specializing in Web site companies, was still very popular at the time. Because I am a computer company, I manage the production site, but I think more should understand that a market, just when the market needs to understand the feedback technology market, so I volunteered to join the market promotion. read more

A Tmall store operation plan for a brand

about the staff wages actually younger brother is indeed difficult, we as a franchisee, their profit margin is particularly tight pinch brands, all have to spend with the province, if the staff wages to 10%, investors will get profit from the literal to below 5%, there is still no inventory count rate. The city of Zhengzhou, my salary is out of art in the middle reaches of, just do some basic requirements and promotion material, workload is not big, this treatment should be considered more pertinent, hope you send friends above. read more

Do a little bit of experience for yourself

today to Intellectual Property Agency (www.dgipr.com) station make a summary, its purpose is to have success and failure of the local decisions can help us novice webmaster hope that we can learn it, please look at the


this station has been continuously for novice webmaster output, original update site, how I feel this is old topic?. Of course, this is what I have been emphasizing oneself and remind you do it, the stand in front of a few days is K the home, why? Because I cheated, cheated? I do what harm Oh I, I don’t know myself but I still know I wrong where, in my blog and the connection too close, there are two problems to tell you, is only at the beginning of a blog guide included new sites and even, when propaganda is resolutely don’t work! And that things don’t superfluous novice webmaster optimization, a lot of the time your station was K you don’t know what the reason, you do you feel wronged, actually he does wrong. read more

Baidu is unstable Should we pay attention when we buy a station

now, there are so many questions about Baidu on the Internet, we don’t know what Baidu is, technical problems, or server problems.

is a very obvious problem: SITE:WWW.80SEMM.CN, when I look up the station included, found a very interesting problem, each refresh, data is constantly changing, from hundreds to thousands, thousands of W, I have a lot of SITE station, have found a similar problem, do not believe you to SITE your stand, and constantly refresh, and see what happens.

Baidu as the boss of Chinese search, a listed company, this situation is very not. Some people say that is because the server’s hard disk is broken, I don’t agree, bad words, no data is directly, and not SITE when data changes ceaselessly, I personally think that Baidu may be the technical aspects of a problem, I hope not to have what bad things happen otherwise, we have to suffer the webmaster friends and read more

nteresting words how to shorten the domain name shrink before they applaud

recently, the foreign domain market is still a lively scene, the foreign market short domain seems not willing to be lonely, have appeared in front of the public, but many high priced transactions and enabled the case, such as the recent Egoditor.com website at auction for the price of 30000 euros to buy a short domain name AG.de, domain name is Facebook.com FB.com heavyweight high priced acquisition, to shorten the Facebook mailbox suffix address, the United States online retail companies Overstock.com successfully purchased the shortest domain name o.biz and o.co.za as the new project launch. read more

Grassroots webmaster a person’s War

the rise of China’s Internet, no matter whether it is successful or not, can not be denied that once the grass roots, or is the grassroots, we think every day how to grow, and how to develop, but always counterproductive. The success of the grassroots has long lost upstart appearance, has created the literati’s appearance, do not see actually originally dirty! And we at the bottom of the webmaster, still repeating the copy and paste to depict the blueprint for the future, put a lot of time in landscaping, upgrade and so on useless work on every day, not we only pay attention to this strange, because we are a person, a person can only pay attention to the fight, a second, will be ignored. read more

Hitting the user’s brain a new approach for user research eye movement & EEG studies


eye tracker is popular as a user research tool for recording user gaze trajectories. With the rise of neural marketing, EEG research has also been used more and more to understand the real idea of users. The combination of eye movement research and EEG research is a trend for future users. With the online synchronization of the two, we can get more accurate, deeper and more comprehensive user information in parallel to the subjective reports.

users in the course of the study, the engineers a confusion: users say always fuzzy and uncertain, the influence of various factors to – users will say one hundred love your product’s reason, but not a reason to love can make him leave, how to understand the true idea of a user a problem. With the popularity of eye tracker and the commercialization of EEG research, the ideal of user research engineers has gradually become a reality: now more and more objective and true understanding of what users see and think. read more

How does individual website look for website operation cut in point

recently many of my friends have asked my website is how to promote? How is my website for a few months or every day is only 100 to IP? Today I am here to introduce QQ chemical network station year experience for everyone, without reservation, absolutely original, and we hope to share. Looking for website operation point, this is not difficult to understand, is a website where to start, where to start? The 28 law I believe we all know, in any group of things, the most important of which only a small part, about 20%, although the majority of the remaining 80%, is secondary. The characteristics of law are provable and have been proved continuously, such as an enterprise, 80% of its profits come from its 20% projects, and 20% of people have 80% of the world’s wealth. This Law applies equally in the website operation aspect, for example a website 20% column contributes 80% traffic, therefore the website operation first step is seeks a good breakthrough point, must find that 20%. The following combination of my six years of experience in building, from content construction, operation strategy, promotion method of these three aspects to explain how to find the site operation breakthrough point. read more

A tribute to life from a Taobao shopping trip

[core tip], whether it’s a complex web site like Taobao, or a minimalist web site, has a unique way of life. How products should survive may be more critical than thinking about how to change the world.

existence is reasonable. – Hagel,

recently played Taobao games.

since the beginning of Taobao related work (well, do advertising, OK, that is, bother to Amoy ~), my Taobao online shopping trip out of control. From Taobao to Taobao related all kinds of shopping guide website, experienced a time, but also to various vest identity, joined a lot of Taobao shopping group, sellers group. While experiencing the ecological patterns of Taobao, they also feel the tremendous vitality of these small circles. And recent phenomena have made it more and more interesting and confusing. read more

nternet farewell entrepreneurial era new business models unknown

recycling "Baidu", "grand" entrepreneurial dream, it looks like a beautiful balloon balloon.

if you start your business from today, what business will you choose to enter the market?

when this question to Ma Huateng, at the helm of the Tencent founder $15 billion market capitalization of the answer is: "I can only do the things they are interested, do a little bit of exploration, not to consider the external conditions." The reason is that the core products of the Internet – portals, instant messaging, search engines, and e-commerce – have been divided, with only two wins: video and SNS, but there is a high threshold. Ma Huateng admits: "a lot of people still want to build 1 billion dollar company on the network now, already more difficult."." read more