Expose shady qirun advertising

I have Shiqi run a webmaster, because I and their customer service are more familiar with, so some ugly insider Qi run. I know something, now I say some revelations Wenqi embellish, surface told stationmaster does not deduct the amount, in fact, buckle dead ah, there are pop ads, Qi run in addition to pop-up ads is not other ads.

said according to the advertising effect to set the price (the effect of their company is called on the pop whether two times click or download) those effects simply could not determine which sites put in effect, when put no popups or two clicks or download not much time for sale, or direct lock account, so we webmaster hard advertising commissions to freely run Qi, a station I gave him the lock, I do so for a long time, suddenly to a what effect is not good, to lock me up, and pop ads are almost all SQ, or the middle of the night to a Trojan horse, or when in the morning there will be a period of time is not charging, but also do not admit, hope you see this article to be careful, do not easily put Qi run ads, have seen Qi run ads in stationmaster net, what to say every day The ad request amounted to 90 million times, this is actually a day in big talk, millions, I have seen their service once a screenshot of the quality of such bad ah, what a good advertising alliance trust online, put up by the company is Qi run…… read more

Analysis of problem and problem of ten new Taobao mall

October 10th, Taobao mall issued new regulations, a technical service fee increase and deposit will be out of the market stick to small sellers. The new regulations released after less than a day, the store immediately set off a reign of terror: 11 on the evening of 9, gathered a total of nearly 7000 small sellers, divided into 70 implementation team organization, to several well-known Taobao mall big sellers, the implementation of the "malicious operations take goods, to the poor, refused to pay". The majority of these businesses have been forced to sell these goods shelves, which are all the clothes of the Korean homes all shelves. read more

CANN to Beijing new network interconnection and other 2 companies issued a notice of default

domain name information network October 4, 2008 news (Wang Xiuyu translation Shenyang) ICANN issued a notice today that has issued a "Notice of default" to the Joker.com and Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Co. Ltd. the two registrars, asking them to "resolve the domain name database within 15 days (Whois) investigation". The announcement, which was issued in October 1st, was updated in October 3rd and has been updated on the following website: www.icann.org/en/compliance.

according to this announcement, in September 30th ICANN to China Beijing new network technology Co., Ltd. (website www.DNS.com.cn) and Joker.com two ICANN certified registrar issued a notice of default. Points out that the two registrars are in breach of section 3.7.8 of the ICANN RAA, which requires the Registrar to take reasonable steps to investigate the problem of inaccurate whois. read more

Dangdang com internal e mail leaked by netizens crazy pass a list of clothing

October 29th, the day before micro-blog users get a letter from the internal mail dangdang.com caused many online shopping enthusiasts attention, which disclosed the dangdang.com in anniversary during the month part of the profits clothing goods, all goods are in a negative gross margin of sales, and sales during the year on the biggest commodity price compared to the purchase price in more than 40 percent off discount. From the mail content, 20 pieces of goods not only a listed in the message, there will be 500 pieces of goods involved in the actual loss of profits. read more

Network rights must be careful electricity supplier service agreement trap

Dangdang, where to network, Tmall mall service agreement involving the terms of the agreement jurisdiction (circle). Video screenshot

Beijing News (reporter Li Yutong Intern Li Ruijia) electricity supplier companies in the registration service agreement, the general jurisdiction of the dispute will be agreed on the court, the lawsuit can only be located in the electricity supplier". Consumers in the online shopping platform for the first time, you must agree to the electricity supplier company in advance of the service agreement, to complete the registration. This may cause some barriers to online shopping consumer rights." Yesterday morning, the second court court deputy director Xu Ying introduced last year, the second court heard two cases of a lawsuit in the jurisdiction of the court controversial cases. read more

Domestic e commerce into the high speed development period is the key to grasp the opportunity

Three important elements of

‘s economic growth: consumption, investment and exports. 08 years is a difficult global year, the international financial crisis has brought shock to the domestic export enterprises, many foreign invested enterprises due to lack of funds and the divestment collapse, as "MADE IN CHINA" is also suffered a serious recession, many people had no hope. The crisis is also an opportunity, it is also the financial catastrophe let domestic e-commerce has been driven time and opportunity, re opened the rate of economic growth today, e-commerce has become a way of life of people can not be missing. We come from a few sets of data to look at the past few years, the development of domestic e-commerce. read more

Taobao’s three major flaws in E commerce

January 19th morning news, because fakes gave a bad review, encounter the threat SMS phone crazy, this is has been involved in the development of electronic commerce laws and regulations and provisions of lawyer Yu Guofu did not think of things. It is from this matter, Yu Guofu saw the current e-commerce in the courier, evaluation and information security deficiencies.

a bad


a few days ago, Yu Guofu received a watch at the Taobao store "orange watches discount buy. The merchant shipping serious delay, and sales is fake, in the wealth of nations in the evaluation system to a bad". read more

The site should probably spend less time to choose the domain name

night inadvertently looked at the name of the site domain name Li Xingping, I not only want to: the domain name of the pros and cons of the success of the site has a relationship?

Li Xingping under the name of the site / Domain Name:

hao123.com (already sold to Baidu in 2004) ip138.com 8825.com fei5.com 372888.com dj99.com yy138.com dj99.net 2721.com qq163.com qq163.net tt67.com qc12.com 7789.com west263.cn somp3.com dj222.com 870.com f130.com f130.net 4399.com 4399.net 3533.com 3533.net

look at everyone, the name of the domain name Li Xingping which is considered a high quality, only a 870.com looks pretty pretty high, but compared to the 1000 digit com in this fairly general…… read more

Or Cn on Yiwu business win transnational lawsuit domain

 , Zhejiang, November 2006 (Xinhua) 26 – half a year ago, the United States, DELL sued the case of the case of Yiwu business owners Caine domain infringement, DELL recently lost to the end. After learning the news, many of the registered ".Cn" domain name enterprises in Jinhua relieved, have said, or ‘.Cn’ reliable security".

in March 2003, the Yiwu International Trade City business households registered the "del.cn" domain name, and the use of the domain name to set up a specialized operating jewelry site "proud music", has been operating so far. Who knows, the end of March this year, DELL submitted the complaint to the China Centre for the settlement of international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Disputes of domain name, the center will request Zong Jian the domain name "del.cn" is transferred to the DELL company. read more

Online shop the most classic and privacy publicity

didn’t care about these methods, as long as according to the general procedure of the online shop make does not have what problem, but a thousand days with several online chat friends when it comes to these, combined with the actual, do the following should also pay attention to.

first, the address of the shop, we know that the current online supply of goods, clothing to Shanghai, Guangdong, the majority of shoes to Fujian and Zhejiang. So many sellers will be aware of these, in the search for goods will be directly selected locations, so the seller in the best place to set up the production of goods into the popular production and sales locations. read more

Network to make money the most effective 10 profit model summary

in all the innovation, business model innovation is the most original innovation. Leave the business model, other management innovation, technological innovation has lost the possibility of sustainable development and profitability of the foundation. In order to help Chinese enterprises in the shortest possible time to understand the current business model of China’s most influential business, we have chosen 10 kinds of business models. The selection criteria are: 1, with the help of new technology and the integration of new resources; 2, opening up new profit model; 3, model is sustainable, with good results; 4, inspired mode to other industries is very good, and imitation and innovation drive the industry. read more

The central and provincial government network Chinese CN domain enabled rate of over 9

news agency in May twenty-one Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Changzhong) the latest statistics show that Chinese Internet Network Information Center revealed today, as of now Chinese central and provincial government website Chinese.CN domain enabled the rate of more than 90%.

According to the relevant provisions of the relevant government websites to enable "Chinese Chinese.CN"

, including the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Finance and other central ministries and commissions and other government agencies and institutions at the provincial level of government of Shanghai, Sichuan and other Chinese.CN domain enabled rate has exceeded ninety percent, in the.CN domain name has become the only Chinese network identification of government websites, on the disclosure of government information, e-government plays an important role in speed. read more

Six misunderstandings in the process of realizing the electronic commerce in the inventory enterpris

with the development of the Internet, there are a lot of day in and out of e-commerce industry in some enterprises, after the application of e-commerce success will stay; some companies are caught in a misunderstanding led to the development of electronic commerce, eventually abandoned the electronic commerce; at present, there are many companies trying to get involved in the field of electronic commerce, hope can benefit to the enterprise to bring new growth. The author here to give you a list of six errors in the process of e-commerce in the enterprise. read more

The last 100 meters of the courier is difficult to open electricity providers to expand the business

most universities prohibit express delivery, the figure is to inform the customer to pick up pieces. Oriental IC for map

noon, North Gate outside sound is Ding boiling, the students take the express peak.

on the sidewalk, SF, Shen Tong (micro-blog), Yuantong express company. The table row line, the size of the parcel around seven or eight vehicles piled up, small tricycle parked on the roadside spread all across in confusion. From the beginning of this year, Beijing banned all courier vehicles entering the campus, teachers and students all express are concentrated to the south gate to receive, so the spectacular express along the Haidian Road on both sides of the stall. read more

Buy 10 8% shares of WAL MART CEO continues to invest in China electricity supplier

surging news reporter Huan Yanhong

in June this year to become a shareholder of Jingdong WAL-MART, the future also plans to continue to increase investment in China’s electricity supplier.

said that in October 19th, WAL-MART CEO Dong Minglun told reporters in Beijing, the development of the electricity supplier in the Chinese shocking, which is why WAL-MART cooperation with the Jingdong, he believes that this strategy is very correct, the future WAL-MART will be in the field of electricity providers in more investment. read more

Electric Dreams

"electronic commerce is a hoax, I advise entrepreneurs to do business this, think, think, think twice five four." Music Amoy network CEO Bi Sheng in the winter when the issue of capital issued by the emotion, has been turned into a cold water supplier by the cold electricity supplier industry.

in order to spend this winter, music Amoy network said it would cut 80% of the advertising budget.

in the first half of this year, the electricity supplier is still hot wind. The risk of investors have hit the retail giant line layout, rarely heard on the market for the industry leap forward development concerns. Now the winter coming, a number of business or business failure, significantly reduced the number of investment and financing, questioned the voice can be heard without end. read more

Linktech a number of official announcement

1, Love Valley Women’s day shopping promotions

it’s a holiday for women…… "38" women’s day, as a result of women and wonderful, in this special day, valley of love to every female friend to offer our best wishes and concerns!

2008 · three; eight women’s day, women in this part of the season, the valley of love for you carefully prepared a variety of exquisite small gifts, sexy, seductive, fresh and exciting… What are you waiting for? Hurry up! read more

Service front China E mobile network to create a new concept of DC service industry

as the Internet high-tech services, IDC service providers to provide users with each product is shown in the form of services. With the continuous improvement of the product and the increasing requirements of the user experience, the development of IDC enterprises is largely decided by the advantages of the service. In order to lead the service, we need an excellent service concept.

service front, it is China’s E mobile network to create a new service concept.

what is service front?

service front, simply put, is the technical service personnel initiative to establish a communication bridge with the user. Why did you do that? read more

The electricity supplier for overweight fresh fear into the key of logistics distribution

– reporter Chen Menglu

The rise of the Internet

, is disruptive to many rewrite the pattern of the industry, the first not to be optimistic about the fresh electricity supplier in 2013, quietly heating up fast, known as the electricity supplier last piece of "blue ocean" fresh business has become a new round of hot competition between electronic business platform.

WAL-MART (78.01, 0.14, 0.18%) recently announced a high-profile, Sam members online store to further expand the ShangHai Railway Station and ShenZhen Railway Station fresh direct delivery service area, while Tmall, one store, Amazon (399.2, -3.72, -0.92%), Jingdong, I bought the food network or courier giant SF are in the fresh food distribution increased efforts, triggered a fierce competition between the fresh electricity supplier. read more