Small town hotpot shop owner is how to play the nternet

introduction: this boss is famous in the city where he is, he is the owner of a local buffet restaurant and a number of hot pot restaurants, as well as a high-end business hotel. Although the chef was born in a small town, but he is good at using Internet tools, keep up with the trend, in his new style of play, to help restaurants business rising, the local food industry to do the top few. Who says the traditional boss doesn’t know the Internet?


below is the boss readme, by I black horse finishing: read more

Novice webmaster is concerned about many aspects of the problem

, I am a novice webmaster, contact the network almost 2 years, but I contact the station time seems to have more than a year. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of website to build in the end, not only before, but also now.

but now, before the establishment of the impulse is not so large, as before, as long as there are ideas, immediately, even check there is no similar website or how many similar sites do not. In the final analysis, there is no serious analysis. Before, a friend suggested to do a networking site, but I will not program how to do it, there is a black classmate playing, he built my opinion, go online search program source code. read more

Search engines don’t what should we do

1 search engines, needless to say, there are a lot of master forum published a good many aspects of engine promotion! The engine must not be ignored, this is a very important step, the size of the engine is landing station must (not only Baidu, GOOGLE, 3721 and 163, QQ, Sun Wukong and so on to traffic combined), a lot of rich web content, improve website content update frequency, a month without an article, the engine won’t value you, updated every day more than 10 articles, you will find that you will be more than you can imagine in the engine ranking read more

Webmaster not every day for web site otherwise the loss outweighs the gain

money webmaster, basically all please people management, management of the owners own less poor, but for a local website, stability and popularity is particularly important, here is my website ( said some site experience. My website ( is a local website, site more than 6 months, there is a chance that we can exchange more. If it is a small webmaster, you must be worried about this every day.

space is not stable — I tried it 20 space business, almost 12 is no good commercial space, how bad is not to say, the worst time, just tell me the station, which is directly related to the station, which page posts in question is not he said, do stand the most tired of this read more

The recruitment website should be left right

recruitment website = search box + one screen can not install the enterprise logo+ more or less enterprise recruitment information list and job information list.

= "left to go right away" the mind is a beauty and a handsome boy after finally married lovers……

had to be envious of the web site, where the money was really rich and seemed to have their ads everywhere. I wonder how much these advertising charges will bring them.

himself married in my online registration account, not for marriage – I always have every station will be registered habits, have to admit such a marriage network users experience this piece of achievements. read more

Webmaster experience to new Adsense serious advice

has now entered the era of the network, various sites such as bamboo shoots after germination, the new owners may be all over the mountains and plains, are the envy of those who have done a few years old webmaster, saw tens of thousands of people on the IP, the heart of envy, to tell the truth, I also like very jealous, there is no way that we play better than others night, so now the network also appeared a lot of promotion software, here I will not say to his name, Baidu or Google search keywords: "network promotion", "network marketing" and "mass" software, whether it is free or charge that is quite much. Here the new owners see many included your site or chain is not high it is easy to use these software, I am here to special mention, if you use it Xu was your collection or the chain will increase, but after your site basically finished. read more

Talk about how to be a qualified station master [next door]

said a few words yesterday. Let’s finish up the rest of the day,

nine, learning new knowledge,

now the speed of development of the Internet is really astonishing, almost every day a new technology was born, we’re not going to learn so it can fall behind others, there is not a word to say, one day does not learn to catch up with Liu Shaoji.

give you a simple example for example we want to optimize the promotion of the website now, if we still use the method of learning before optimization and promotion so is certainly not the Baidu algorithm change, you have to make false original, this is not you suicidal? So we must spend some time every day to learn and work, or industry related knowledge to enrich oneself. read more

The site was resurrected by K 5 days ago

last time I mentioned my website was Baidu K, K got one page left. The two sites are:

after a positive adjustment, as of this morning, two were K sites were collected and included in the normal.

although included normal, but ranking some slight decline, may be with me at the time of the adjustment process changes, canceled some of the external links,

! included more than 50 pages (fifty or sixty pages of the site itself), included more than 600 pages, is a normal. read more

Use network hot spot to build 3000P easily

we often see a lot of people say, use what keywords and so on to do high flow. Today, let me talk about my experience. First, let’s take a look at it. It’s 21 in the evening.

as you can see from the diagram, I’ve come to 2400+’s IP from Baidu. I’d like to wait until 12 in the evening, no problem at 3000. And all this is just the traffic that a post brings.

read from this post, read nearly 3000 times, the basic data on these, and we are talking about how to do it. read more

Spider log 200064 Baidu K station omen

new station ( did more than two months, and this update ranking didn’t go up, to K became a home station. Usually pay more attention to the spider log, but look at the log, mainly to see if today, Baidu spider came, did not visit what path, which way it is going. At that time, I did see the return value of the 200064 spider reading the file. I was quite aware that 200 return was normal, so I didn’t care about it at that time.

The results of this update K

into the home station, when I went to see the time spider log Baidu search inside the 200064 return to the state of the just understand, this is the Baidu stand warning that there is suspicion of this page may be excessive optimization. K into the home station is really regret ah, but also can only take part of the means to remedy it. My solution is as follows: read more

Software mass information hazards Adsense had to know

over the mass of information from the web site is down right or be K, but if you also encounter Baidu down the right site how to do? K is a very troublesome work, of course, what are the treatment method is time problem, by sending information to site is down right or be K after the restoration of the.

one, the scourge of mass, the use of software mass information harm

how to prevent the next mass, and cause the website to be down right, I have to investigate how much damage the mass brings us, so I can not repeat the same mistakes. read more

Why do say that fresh electricity supplier is a false proposition Demand determines the bottleneck

The news of a large number of two senior

throwing himself into the river has just passed, and recently the eldest brother has been warned again. I can not help but look back ruefully at the white and tender side, are pretended to be calm, chanting Buddhist meditation master.

: I would like a complaint you shave off your beard what? Did you know that you little beard are not…… Hey… This is not Wu does not work, you don’t do bandit, you want to be a scholar? Come on you! What to do to change the image, you mountain thief this very promising occupation to read more

Using typesetting information in Web design

author @ @ Liu Ming, a member of the micro-blog UDC design center. In this paper, we can find a good layout design, not only beautiful, more of the information content organization and arrangement, the orderly, clear, easy for users to efficiently and accurately obtain relevant information.

this requires designers to understand the information content, improve the organization and processing capabilities of information content, and design the content as the design elements, according to the principle of design. read more

Talk about my experience and experience in building a website for one month

my domain name is registered in August 22nd, but the real site is No. 24, so today just over a month, take a lot of detours, hoping to give the novice webmaster friends some help, do stand experience believes that many webmaster friends all know is very tired, I also found in this little emotion, ha ha good, so anyway, germane.

because of the analysis of my website, so we understand, I’m a little AD, ha ha, my station is called sexy beauty nets, first say register domain name.

1, a registered domain name have a lot of attention, the most important is to let visitors remember, which will give you the site early to bring some back, there is the best name and website, the search engine will give some relative weights, relevant keywords ranking will do other than the domain name and website no Related words have the advantage there is a problem worthy of notice, that is the domain name registration check before the domain name is K, give you a web site,, you want to register a domain copy up, if not being registered, will prompt, sorry, no matches, otherwise they will be registered before month display if, before being registered, then you have to check whether the domain name search engine K (mostly by K before being abandoned With the Baidu site: domain name), can, if included, so not what relationship, if not included, and the reverse link, it may be a problem, if not included and the reverse link, this is hard to say, you see the general character. read more

Ylmf Lai Lin Feng individual website expansion most afraid of the problem of talent

May 19th news, the famous site navigation station 114 ( founder Lai Linfeng said in an exclusive interview with Tencent technology, personal website in the commercialization process, the most important thing is the talent problem. Especially important positions, once the talent problem is not handled well, the expansion of the site will suffer setbacks.

It is reported that

, 114, is the first by Lai Linfeng and other 2 people to create, just a few years time, the "wind" mini team also gradually expanded to 28 employees of small companies. At the same time, 114 also from Baidu hao123 many competitors stand out, become one of the millions of well-known Web site traffic. Ylmf also acquired the domain name, to enter the U disk and network aggregation search business. read more

What can the webmaster for the 2010 nternet trends do

2009 SNS flourishing a, in 2010 what subject will be red, little brother is not here, in this cast a brick.


, what is


price is soaring, the fight is the fight off, piecing together the meaning. The meaning is to fight off with the least money to do great things. For example: carpool to work, live together and so on.

2, why fight off local red

?The big storm

the financial crisis has not in the past, to reduce wages, soaring prices will continue to fight off once again brilliant also will be born. Workers are keen to buy or do what they want to do with a small amount of money. Now the release of information is most like in some local portal forum, no special website, isn’t this opportunity to read more

Some views on district network operation

SEO about 3 months, two months before is to do their own station, a day is about 10 sites to spend more than 12 hours lying on the computer get yourself a month to do it, which is a site area network: Guangzhou Shipai village network ( Although I have not really established a profit model until now, I feel only in one step of the effort – propaganda, here’s a little of my opinion.


district has the characteristics of network and other sites are not the same, that is the object on which it is targeted, such as my net Pai Village is mainly for Guangzhou Shipai village, this determines the site when propaganda must have the key point, not too broad read more

Some suggestions on choosing the most valuable space quotient for the junior stationmaster

for the current rapid development of the Internet brings unlimited business opportunities, operating websites or using web sites to advertise themselves, more and more owners and businesses are paying attention to. Similarly, the Internet virtual product provider seized the opportunity. The virtual hosting providers are becoming more and less sophisticated. Even a virtual space to a large number of shoddy, not only makes the customer deceived in the quality of the virtual host. What is more important is the great instability of the website access, which directly damages the interests of the customers. read more

Several conditions for making English Websites

recent Chinese website Google unit price dropped significantly, especially a lot of garbage site, which led to many personal webmaster and began to shift direction, want to try to use English website to obtain income. In fact, no matter what you do is the same, a thing to succeed, nothing more than two aspects: first, your conditions; two, your efforts. If you do not know English ABC, and then yell every day, said to do English station, but also want to make big money, it is impossible. In addition, if you have to do English station, then your efforts are essential! Just like a lot of people are in fact to be a singer, how much effort but the day after tomorrow to decide what you can become a real singer. read more