The first group to buy a new network buy site data injection meaningless

October 22nd news, buy this new e-commerce model attracted numerous enterprises this year, especially for those who have a certain resource based business is very attractive. Like the first group network ( is a provider of China Mobile 12580 discount coupons, the hands of a large number of business resources. For the development of the status quo and the future trend of China’s group buying industry, TechWeb interviewed the first group to buy the new network chairman. Lu pointed out that the current Chinese buy site has some data, such as water injection phenomenon, from a long-term point of no significance. In addition, the new road also believes that buy site operating costs are very low, a small group of sites will not necessarily die. read more

Astronomical domain 161 com into the clothing B2C

because of easy memory, universal meaning, advantages of auspicious, three bit digital domain has been subject to the majority of Internet companies and users of all ages in China, such as,, three bit digital domain are applied to well-known websites. But it is precisely because of this a lot of points, so that the market price of three digit domain name high. However, many Internet companies in order to enhance their network marketing capabilities, and increase popularity and stickiness, but also often hesitate to spend heavily to purchase three digital domain names. Recently, an B2C enterprise has spent a considerable price to buy the three digit domain, through the simple and easy to remember domain name to pull the business ability of self. read more

Domain name how many website is bought

these days is not a Microsoft to buy YAHOO? See a website named BUY, I suddenly thought, buy YAHOO buyyahoo should be a spoof? Checked online and has already been registered, but has not been registered.

in fact, I think is also good ah, from the traffic point of view, if you do a concern Microsoft to buy YAHOO website information station, I am afraid that the flow should be able to bar. Today, check the domain name, found to have been registered. Do not know who just bought it (too lazy to check), intends to do? read more

Daily topic what is the amount of money hungry fraud Why startups love false financing

A5 ( station network September 7th news, I do not know whether we still remember last week by hot hungry financing $630 million, worth more than $3 billion? A turning point in yesterday, according to foreign media reports VentureBeat, related to informed sources, takeaway service "hungry" is less than the actual amount of financing $400 million, far less than the $630 million announced last week.

day before VentureBeat, citing anonymous sources, a well-known venture capital firm said: "hungry" the actual valuation of $1 billion 500 million, $3 billion valuation than that exaggerated 2 times, the total amount of financing is less than $400 million. read more

How to break the site did not see orders

network marketing is developing along with the development of information technology, China has thousands of companies have joined the Internet and involves network marketing, among them with the computer industry, communication industry, the financial industry is more common.

in the enterprise information and network marketing under the impact of the wave, China’s small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing consciousness gradually awakening, have established enterprise website, and the website company information, product information, purchase information, to look forward to order the door, a surge in sales profit continuously. Between the ideal and the reality there is a certain gap between enterprises, to achieve the so-called information, establish a real website after the order is really have the door? Realize the leaping development of enterprise sales performance, really? After doing a lot of market research, we can find that a lot of enterprises, will be helpless even confuse to tell you that the website was established, sales did not pick up what. The main reason is the following: release information completely by manual operation, the efficiency is too low; the comprehensive and professional trade platform with less information about the object is limited; with the intention of the customer, but not very well in time the customer data classification, sorting and filing. read more

Do you know why your website is blocked

      webmaster network since the opening of the  Baidu has been registered since the site has received a number of webmaster consulting, but also to accept the official voice of baidu. Now I tidy up some useful information. The Baidu blocked.
  link 1 check, if there is malicious links, a link is not a big problem, but most of the sites you link is Baidu through website, this will affect you, linked to you.
  2 with the server IP, with a large number of links to the site of the individual, this is mistaken for the link factory, deliberately caused by the link will be blocked.
  3 created links, for example, you make a lot of   free movies links to a web site;    a large number of beautiful pictures and links to    this is illegal. Links can be linked to love island free movies, and can not be a direct free movies, you can link, 17u beautiful pictures, not just beautiful pictures.
  4 to modify the program, do not delete the old file, a large number of internal errors in the site 404, baidu program may block your site.
5. closed the site 2 years ago, basically no hope of unraveling. Unless otherwise valuable. Because before the site, now has the same content on the network, for example, 2 years ago, a number of free movies, games, pictures, etc.. These content, in the current network, Baidu search results, have been repeated hundreds of copies. So even if the solution, the search value of Baidu is not large.
6. how to get down, you just need a way to do things, not on the network, also known as the original content, when Baidu not search your stuff, and you this thing, and users need something. Baidu will let you go. How to do, there is also a little skill, through activities is the best and fastest. The so-called
7. Baidu deliberately seal people, people, this situation basically No. Such as Baidu 4000 companies, is no department, no one dare to take their own options to pique. But sometimes the site does not fine, or the lack of creativity will affect the feelings of the people blocked, after all, a lot of people are still blocked, but not great.
8. said that the baidu agent first told you that you buy a bid, and then you do not buy, 2 days after the search was dry. This is indeed a very large number read more

Web site keywords set skills keyword set method

SEO is a very important content – Page keywords, the current conclusion is: the key word density in a page in the most appropriate 3%-8%. Key words: how much do you know how to find the key to our web site to bring traffic? Spiders have written an article about how to find the key words, excerpts are as follows:

(1) core keyword

as long as the owners should be able to say that the core keywords themselves. But suggest webmaster do not overestimate their ability. Some of my friends and I would like to ask QQ, " " mobile phone; optimization to the first page how to do? I advise you to save time. Because a lot of popular key word has been some authoritative site or Baidu bidding monopoly. But you can choose other related core keywords. Such as " " " mobile phone game, mobile phone pictures; ". read more

f you become a wreck CEO here’s a survival guide for a hundred days

whether you are a market capitalization of billions of dollars of listed companies CEO, or medium-sized enterprise CEO, if you want to change the plight of the company is difficult.

face the prosperity, all resistance "seemingly" does not exist; but in the face of adversity, everything will become difficult — this time, your world may be filled with the atmosphere of anxiety, everyone is eager to liberation from their chains.

if management is the basic organ and function of a company, you need to adapt to it and challenge it. You need to understand what is giving you the power to change the status quo, such as making a good job of income, but also need to understand how to coexist with resistance, and eventually turn it into power, such as how to break the system brought about by the trouble. Below, Enjoy: read more

What conditions do you need to open a Taobao shop Pay attention to what steps

is now in the Taobao online shop is not what new things, every day there will be a lot of people into the family of Taobao, and some want to shop in Taobao on the novice, should the shop need to prepare the formalities, you have everything to win at the starting line. As for what procedures need to open a shop, which should pay attention to what steps? The following combination of my shop experience for everyone to do the analysis, we hope to bring some help.

first, prepare ID cards, bank cards and other personal information read more

Suning to swallow Crowdsourcing pie 45 billion like a dream

is not the same as in previous years, the electricity supplier price war continued for many years in the last year, down to the plain, and the Jingdong gradually no longer losses, successfully landed on the NASDAQ in May; Alibaba is preparing for the listing of IPO wildly beating gongs and drums to put too much effort, the price war is not a small relationship.

price war, although everyone has gradually disappeared, small small "troublemakers" didn’t make what big storm. But in this noisy business circle, the competition pattern of him not because of the price war of the cold and quiet. This is not the original, after the listing of the Jingdong to get a raise it even seems to be quite a long time, low-key Suning found its magical Shazhao, the name of a Crowdsourcing banner, under a billion people draw pie. read more

The analysis of Taobao train positioning techniques Amoy blue solution


train, precision marketing tool for a better, no matter the size can be opened, make money but smile, lose heart, this platform seemingly everyone can participate, actually requires a certain skill, how you can drive the train, can cause better development, this the seller should be a lot of issues of concern. The following Amoy blue ocean to briefly describe some personal views on the operation of the car tips and methods. Many people say that it is not easy to drive through, in fact, driving is a skill! read more

Honey bud ambitions the layout of the whole child care services force baby industry

recently, the largest domestic cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud: it is a low-key layout opened its first store to the next line, and on-line service channel in the App family. The channel consists of recreation, education, photography, swimming performance and Exhibition six sub classification, access to health care and education, tourism and other industries, large age span from primary school to cover the baby children’s family consumption. According to honey bud executives revealed that in the future, honey bud hope to become China’s largest baby company, not just the mother and child electricity supplier. read more

Overseas purchasing positive note enjoy national policies to encourage cross border electricity tran

cross-border electricity supplier

Abstract: one side is the country to promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier, one side is the purchase of overseas purchasing in a gray space. In this case, many of the people who have been engaged in overseas purchasing their own cause of the sun, regularization, transformation of cross-border electricity supplier.

"so I’m going to be a regular."

Zhou Mu (a pseudonym) by Taobao to help people buy British milk powder for 5 years, he decided to move the company recently Shanghai Free Trade Zone, take the bonded area, the whole into zero out of the cross-border electricity supplier model management. To make its decision to do the same thing to do a lot of milk purchasing friends were detained by the customs, the loss of nearly one million yuan. Talk about purchasing patterns, Zhou Mu to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said: "now it is smuggling." read more

Secret porn pseudo two Sunzhao website profit

I love love to study, what others do, in this case I found pornographic websites (including pseudo porn) two way of making money (of course more than two), now revealed to everyone, let everyone know that porn sites inside, in order to avoid the net people cheated!

1, naked chat

I see on a XX site on a naked chat propaganda, even claimed to be free to see thirty seconds, free registration, satisfaction and then pay.

try holding the psychological, registered, and then select it, really the video, but the video was widely circulated on the internet. read more

Profiteering industry small profits website

as the saying goes: the election of the industry to make a lot of money! Website, the truth is the same, but very much now the network entrepreneurs do not understand this sentence, always do what what industry hot industry, the result is keep going by painstaking effort. Here to share some of the small profits I saw some small industry sites, may give you inspiration.

first, pharmaceutical investment

pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industry, pharmaceutical related websites is profiteering, you can search "Medicine Merchants" on Google, and then look at the row in front of the site, do not, basically on the page are all packed ads, these ads are costly. I have a student to do such a site, the flow is not large, every day thousands of traffic, but the word drug investment in the top5, so the monthly advertising revenue easily a few million. Of course, some of the company’s relatively good operation, there are a lot of millions per month. read more

Taobao plans to build the blue whale blew elite webmaster


Alliance Program ( the blue whale is to provide a variety of special service for the VIP website, including special advertising optimization services and data analysis services, as Taobao alliance partners, to experience the Taobao diamond quality advertising group, e-commerce certification to maximize the value of the advertising value of the CPX mode, Taobao authority, have the opportunity to enjoy Taobao the high-end party and give priority to participate in the training of right. It is reported that the "blue whale plan" will be put on the original mode of doing more new attempt, including targeted optimization of various directional big brand launch, display, according to the website visitors search product tracking advertising record lasted for the classification of vertical sites by the new service, many webmaster involved in online recognition. read more

The first video began to focus on the user experience no noise

started the first video ads really bother you, there is a sound, affect PV, but look at the advertising fee 5000 yuan per month in the face, always put in, think more money later, now, no sound, the price is 8 yuan /CPM, can pay

weeks!The first

video began to really focus on the webmaster experience, they began to take seriously the views of owners, the views of users, and also their organization forum webmaster comments to them, the first video started to progress, so that their union will develop! Hope they can make Chinese GG. Do not attach importance to the views of the alliance is not developed. Now China’s alliance has a lot of small and large, but really think of the webmaster, not much, only for their own money! read more

Feline tinea refers to earn millions of years behind

yesterday, Kingsoft Cloud Security Center released virus warning, said the recent uproar in the Internet "feline tinea" (aka "silly cow") is using the latest Microsoft vulnerabilities to further enhance the power of the virus. Anti virus experts remind users to repair vulnerabilities. It is reported that the virus behind the finger pushing refers to the annual income of tens of millions.

Elephant condom Liu Kenan 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurial logic

fourth 12 floor micro share invited "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan, a very warm atmosphere, full of 150 people in the WeChat group as in the past.

our enthusiastic friends "ancient Jizhi" finishing the share of mad praise! Everyone in all aspects of our subsequent micro sharing are involved in the organization, when we can give everyone a display space, this is we enjoy the feast of the rhythm of


"you can look down upon our youth, we will prove that this is who’s age". This is Wei Chen’s "I speak for myself", used in the "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan body, it is appropriate. read more

0 of the valuation of the valuation of the inventory of three new board of the great valuation of th

Since the listing of three new board

, respectively, China Sea core 7.5 yuan and the price of $5.5 per share for the two time set up, raising $125 million. January 2016, the core of China has also been listed on the acquisition of the company’s acquisition of the East Guoxin guoxin.

revenue of 0 companies, the valuation was as high as 67 billion, it is quite wonderful.

but there are more wonderful. Three new board companies, according to the valuation of the fans, the valuation of up to 15 billion, there are said to go to IPO company, valuation has exceeded the A shares of listed companies…… read more