Soft marketing best results not miss the small details

details determine success or failure, how to do marketing to achieve the best effect? What are the details, we are not in place? In the past two months, 79 education network has been doing marketing, but the effect is not ideal, in addition to the snapshot, can not see the weight of Baidu promotion, traffic statistics in do not see the increase of flow rate. This is what is the problem? Through the analysis and study, and now share my experience, I hope you can learn from experience.

first, the soft Wen to have effect: content quality is the core of

marketing, can easily cope with the content, quality is the core, so marketing is not much in essence, and one hundred ordinary soft, not like time and effort needed to write an article can really move people, is recommended fine article, so people will read more and more brand effect guangzhou.

how can we write the soft article? This is a lot of people have a headache, how to find the writing material to Chinaz, A5 and other media to send soft Wen as an example to explain in detail.

What does

write? Three ways to set a theme:

1, dig deep into the subject

can go to some quiz website browsing other questions, for example: seowhy Q & a platform is not recommended to Baidu know, Baidu know after revision, it is difficult to see the new problems, to every small problem finishing record, looking for inspiration from writing. You can also browse some IT blog

2, see more video tutorials, listen to the relevant tutorial lectures

nothing to do, open a Youku potatoes, to find some of the latest industry video tutorials to see, listen, perhaps most of the junk content, as long as there is a point of view can move you.

in addition, can also go to the YY to listen to some real-time lectures, listen to the views of others, absorbing the experience of others, to share these experiences today, is inspired by the teacher to talk about SEO, he usually do some experience to absorb the promotion in the text.

3, look at some professional books

each industry will have a large number of professional books, in order to write a good article, you must let yourself slowly become the industry experts, only a wealth of knowledge, in order to write quality articles.

how to write it? Well, half the title, so the title is also very critical, the title must be original, the original title included high probability. How to determine the title?

first, the title should try to reflect the focus of soft news content, try to stand clear, sensational, profound, can attract users to continue reading. Or even if the user does not read, also can tell from the title of the best soft content. Furthermore, the title of the soft Wen to have depth, people have the interest to read, but can not snatch away the user’s attention to the content of soft text.


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