The electricity supplier sample double counter attack the Amoy brand Crespo card


by the blue ocean to the Red Sea electricity supplier formats, so that Wu Shihui to make the line under the store, online new brand new strategy [electricity supplier sample] time is a long river. From March 1998 China completed the first Internet transaction, business enterprise of health birth and death, raging like a storm, which has established from 1999, has held heavily into a high-profile but only 3 months on the line of products together. From July onwards, sina science and technology will select one or two representatives of the electricity supplier companies to do a weekly observation. We have no intention of respect is willing to attribute their success or failure, or to review its mode, or reported its growth, to record the current electricity supplier sample.



Wang Ning

invasion to the line in the traditional brand gradually, the electricity supplier at the same time, a small group of students, the network network Amoy brand is trying to counter attack to the line, opened a store, and the store is not superficially like in the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities such as cloth under a two sample stores for the display.

is located in Xiamen’s Amoy brand Crespo card is an example. The CEO Wu Shihui introduced so far, Crespo card to take the franchisee form, has been in Guangdong, Foshan, Shanghai, Songjiang, Henan Xinxiang, Shandong Zibo, Anhui Hefei and other places of the two or three line of the city development more than and 30 stores.

The only action, however

line shop is not Crespo card online, Crespo card also recently launched a new brand of men’s "aluoha". From June launch date more than a month, the average customer price aluoha "can do 200 yuan, compared with the old brand" Crespo card "average 100 yuan price," aluoha "is clearly more high-end.

offline store, online brand new, Crespo card is double counter attack. There is only one (profit), but more than one opponent. Business strategy change Crespo card, recorded in the new era of electricity providers and traditional commercial business addict staggered, harmony.

from blue ocean to the Red Sea electricity supplier formats

Many businessmen

and Xiamen port, in 2008 before the financial crisis, Wu Shihui is a business as well as foreign trade clothing merchants, with more than ten years of experience in foreign trade, he even has its own factory in his hometown of Fujian in Zhangping, there are more than 1 thousand workers, specialized in OEM for Armani, Versace and other international first-line brands.

Wu Shihui is a strong sense of crisis, foreign trade, meager profits he had thought heteronomy thoroughly. In 2007, foreign trade through the completion of primitive accumulation, he tries to store the form to launch its own brand of men’s "Crespo card", because the store is a new district, not what people, the results after two or three months to make ends meet, he was forced to close the store. It was hailed as a "fashion DELL" PPG online clothing sales normalizing, inspiring a generation of traditional merchants, Wu Shihui is no exception. He paid for it

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