Billion yuan financing cattle nest network suspected pass down the whole staff was cut

news October 22nd, billion state power network received insider broke the news, said the newly established furniture electric cattle nest network has been closed down, the current site has been unable to open.

billion state power network access network domain had cattle nest found that the site does have been unable to access, and two months ago the state power grid visited cattle nest network, the site also shows the investment stage, supplemented by "large scale" in the implementation of marketing advertising.


broke the news: "another netizen in micro-blog claims to have three hundred million funds three months lost cattle nest light! Without warning overnight full cut, a show that the leadership of the elite."

, however, noted billion state power network, in the network to denounce the sound appeared shortly after the cattle nest network CEO Liu Yang on the Internet to do a simple response: "on the cattle nest network is always a statement, antecedents and consequences, and we are in the final investor response."

tried to contact the cow Wo billion state power network current several founding executives, but the phone has no one to answer in the state.

has provided information on the company’s registration information, the company registered capital of 6 million yuan, was established in June 4th this year, the location in Shanghai. The establishment time is only 4 months away from now.


According to the

shown on the business license of enterprise information, billion state power network found in a number of recruitment website advertisement cattle nest net. However, most pages have been shown that the position has expired".

in addition, according to the information on the recruitment website, cattle nest network was supported by large domestic financial industry consortia, including 1 investment in 2013 of 100 million yuan, plans to invest $200 million in 2014. The goal is to nest nest network, within 2 years to become the first platform for domestic household electricity supplier.

is familiar with the cattle nest network insiders, cattle net nest entrepreneurial team and former Meikailong team members of the electricity supplier, to create a nest cattle Network has received 100 million yuan investment of Eurasia group.

is said to have actually invested about 10000000. If the data is really, really sigh Home Furnishing burn electricity supplier efforts. Try to do Home Furnishing business platform should be a lot of people, this road has a lot of martyrs fell, many pioneers still hasn’t said of an aged person, can see the sunshine." Industry insiders commented.

Internet users have pointed out that the more direct investment in the traditional network of furniture channels to do things to do is to live in the traditional home channel, the difficulty is too big.

According to

billion state power network to understand, furniture electricity providers in recent years has been the rapid expansion of the electricity supplier, get investment Home Furnishing are increasing. However, the profit model, strong regional characteristics of the product, investors and other issues require more of its formation has been difficult to break through the bottleneck.


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