Astronomical domain 161 com into the clothing B2C

because of easy memory, universal meaning, advantages of auspicious, three bit digital domain has been subject to the majority of Internet companies and users of all ages in China, such as,, three bit digital domain are applied to well-known websites. But it is precisely because of this a lot of points, so that the market price of three digit domain name high. However, many Internet companies in order to enhance their network marketing capabilities, and increase popularity and stickiness, but also often hesitate to spend heavily to purchase three digital domain names. Recently, an B2C enterprise has spent a considerable price to buy the three digit domain, through the simple and easy to remember domain name to pull the business ability of self.

according to the information provided by a foreign domain name trading website revealed that was purchased by a Chinese member, the transaction price of up to $870 thousand, equivalent to RMB 6 million yuan. As a result of the purchase of the buyer because the information is encrypted, the holder of the information has not been informed of the casual fashion, and can be identified as has been used in B2C business. Can be used to make the price of this domain B2C mall portal, it is clear that the mall’s 161 big market can be determined.

has always been concerned about the B2C industry a treasure net came linked to the 161 featured mall site responsible person Mr. Zeng, Mr Tsang said: B2C business, and the first to plant trees, rather than just looking for a tree, in the above nest try popularity. This tree is undoubtedly Currently, the selection of the 161 mall is currently mainly women’s clothing, bags, adult supplies, all sales of goods from manufacturers directly supply, is a typical B2C model.

, however, spent a lot of money to buy the domain name, and has carried out business operations, but did not see 161 of marketing action. In this regard, Mr. Zeng said: let a shopping site from the bustling to these No one shows any interest in what you can do, not the cost is large, as can be imagined. In today’s fierce competition in B2C e-commerce, to seek a breakthrough to burn by misappropriating the blaze a new trail, is a kind of e-commerce is not healthy, such negative examples It is often seen. In the global financial crisis under the premise of the 161 select mall hopes to light cavalry in the ideological, practical to seek all kinds of breakthroughs, and thus stand out in the field of B2C.

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