2012 nternet products that were trampled to death and survived

2012 outbreak of Internet products. In the Internet industry, this year the emergence of a large number of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, new products. Talent shows itself WeChat, unfamiliar street, sing, YY applications such as a mobile terminal products, shine. They do not need a deep, rich, professional content, more fragmented, random, application-oriented features to attract users.

, however, for those who like the meteor rapidly popular, and quickly forgotten the product, we should look at how to fall behind, is inevitable or accidental? Compared to the success of the WeChat, unfamiliar street and other applications, the advantages of the latter in? 2013, Internet products will be the new trend of what the mobile Internet will show what? Let a person find everything fresh and new gameplay? PC end products and how to develop


for this reason, iDoNews Mavericks specially interviewed some of the industry, listen to their views and opinions. Some people say that the type of APP products are rapidly being marginalized, these features have become the default function of large platform OTT, or face being acquired by OTT or face being eliminated. Some analysts believe that the market survival of the fittest, especially the Internet industry is more obvious, the last year was trampled to death too many products, there are many reasons, mode, capital, team, the core reason is not pulling the user’s heartstrings, fresh past, began to decline. Including unfamiliar street, singing and other new Internet products in the future is also uncertain. Some people predict Internet applications 2013 outbreak is likely the first mobile search, especially the combination of voice and LBS search, second and three respectively is HTML5, Mobile Games. Of course, some people think that WeChat itself is not innovative products……


in 2012, those who were trampled to death and survived the Internet products [save to album]

listen, iDoNews industry insiders said:

in the future mobile internet terminal will be fully beyond the PC, but there is no time to focus on the outbreak, in fact now users access the Internet through the mobile terminal has caught up with the PC side, but relative to the traditional media, the Internet itself is still emerging, the market is far from saturated, until the Internet media gradually catch up with the plane TV media, mobile Internet products will gradually show its advantage. – He Xiaopeng (director of a financial network operations)

Internet products this year the outbreak is more focused on the mobile Internet, PC system products, and not what surprise us products, for the browser is also more obvious, mainly in serious interference, often in an upgrade in other products, suddenly found a browser on the desktop icon, this it should be some effect, but the product, if not keep up with it, it is very serious, the PC and the mobile terminal is not always a kind of product, PC end users will gradually end and the pursuit of depth, also showing a fine.

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