Daily topic Baidu do the heart of the electricity supplier will not die Baidu mall on the line

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 4th news, according to informed sources, Baidu new business platform Baidu MALL will be formally launched in the near future.

, according to industry sources, Baidu will be on the line in recent years, a new electronic business platform Baidu mall. Relying on the huge flow of resources and brand advantages, Baidu’s move is willing to give now the electricity supplier war triggered at any moment add a fire. At the same time, Baidu Mall is optimistic about the industry at the same time, but also provoke such as follow the trend to do electricity supplier evaluation.

can say Baidu’s electricity supplier is quite bumpy road. From the launch of Baidu have to shut down in 3 years; a joint venture with Japan Lotte also launched online shopping mall platform cool days to shut down for two years; after the introduction of the Philharmonic live though not closed, but also in the continuous transformation. So there will be insiders said, Baidu Mall is the last step in the electricity supplier Baidu


recently, there was news that Baidu restart the electricity supplier business, ongoing investment, the current news is confirmed. Baidu MALL in the early investment is the biggest feature of positioning high-end brand features. It is understood that Baidu MALL only the introduction of 1000 high-end brands (domestic brands under the line), only official cooperation with the brand. The target customer is 25-40 years in the high-end customers (white-collar petty, middle-class families).

According to

reports, Baidu will not only rely on Baidu maps to the position of the original query and push service, the introduction of Baidu MALL brands online shop, online users into offline transactions; at the same time will achieve to the brand counters the line drainage line (released under the line of stores telephone, address, Baidu Maps Navigation, customer) can also buy online, offline store pickup.

Baidu said that domestic and foreign brands including Estee Lauder, CLARKS, PHILPS, Columbia, Carolina, love, beauty and other person in charge of the electricity supplier, including LV group, Shanghai Taiwan consultation will be optimistic about the Baidu MALL project, hope to further cooperation.

insiders pointed out that Baidu at this point to heavily into the field of electricity providers, really attract brands, in addition to the capital, service fee concessions, is that Baidu mall brings enough high-quality, realizable flow of resources for businesses, and realize the point precision diversion, a new path of O2O business trip. This is a necessary condition for Baidu mall in the next few years to be a foothold in the electricity supplier war.

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