The central bank’s new regulations to prevent the third party payment bank cross bank transfer prohi

on Friday the central bank introduced the history of the most stringent version of the "non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach" (draft). In the face of public opinion questioned yesterday, the central bank emergency rumor said that the draft limit is only 5000 yuan for the balance of payments network payment, the consumption of more than $5000, users can choose online banking payment. But the central bank did not draft the rumor about the payment account opening, single payment, transfer and other restrictions that make, caused a lot of user concerns and speculation.


central bank online payment draft once adopted and implemented, the future will bring exactly what impact on user accounts, online shopping, consumption, transfer? Reporters yesterday interviewed the third party payment companies, they simply read the draft of what the impact on users.


1, registered account difficulty increased by

in accordance with the provisions of the user registration not only to upload ID card, but also at least 3 copies of the above data to prove that you are you, if it is a comprehensive account with financial functions, you need to prove that the five institutions.

according to regulations, these documents need to be public security, industry and commerce, education, taxation and other management departments issued a document. If you do not pay social security, it is estimated that the three do not gather together, it will not be able to register these accounts. In addition, if the final implementation of the draft, the account has been registered, if you do not meet these requirements, but also need to supplement these authentication materials. (ninth)

2, free interbank transfer to others without

according to regulations, the user can only pay for their bank card transfer accounts through the network. Want to give my parents caring for living expenses, may have to go to the bank queue; the boss wages to employees only a bank card to sell. The user can go to the city hall counter, ATM, mobile phone banking or online banking transfers are convenient, but many rural areas only support the post office and the rural credit cooperatives, some small local banks also do not have online banking, so I can not use mobile phone bank transfer, online payment is now blocked, you can only go to the bank remittance. (seventeenth)

in addition, interbank transfer banks generally charge a fee, which means that the free lunch did not transfer to alipay.

3, the first online shopping over $200 to verify online banking

to buy more than 200 yuan price of things, you may not be able to use the fast payment, the first must be verified with the bank’s online banking. Fast payment verification is completed by the payment agency, as long as more than 200 yuan, you must go back to the bank for customer identification and transaction verification. In terms of convenience, to pay, the operation requires a number of steps online banking. But the existence of online banking experience is poor, low success rate of payment issues, which is equivalent to let a person accustomed to the iPhone, must be returned to the old function machine. (fifteenth article third)


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