nternet TV is your circle too chaotic or excessive protection

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at the beginning of July, a piece of information caused by heat, OTT smart TV set-top box in the field of discussion: the State Administration of press and publication requirements for violations of the existing Internet TV, such as can not install the corresponding application software with USB ports, not access Internet browser in the smart TV platform, can not send application of polymerization software radio, video website, client application software through the app store or other means, can not send through the mobile phone remote video playback applications such as indirect rectification through the app store or other means, otherwise it will be the removal of Internet TV content integrated broadcast control. OTT industry is an urgent need to regulate the TV, or the competent authorities to protect the traditional business over Internet TV regulation has become the focus of controversy again.

when the "chaos" met "big reshuffle"

in June 2014, the OTT TV industry is like a car without the protection of the motorcycle Mercedes Benz on the highway. Many software and hardware companies in a few short years have been through cross-border, cross screen, cross network, cross platform and other ways to quickly cut into this new field. A lot of "box" pre installed App and browser, millet, "the screen artifact", as the music on the MAX mobile phone WIDI, Baidu TV assistant, etc.. However, with the strict rectification of the State Administration of radio, a number of products of these enterprises have been halted, the rectification of the situation.

October 20, 2011, the original SARFT will officially "hold Internet TV operator license management requirements" (No. 181) issued to each hold Internet TV integrated business license mechanism, hold Internet TV content service license mechanism. The document stipulates that Internet TV integrated platform can only choose to connect Internet TV content service agency approved the original SARFT set up legal service platform, to provide access to services in the audit inspection validity of institutions to deal with the integration of Internet TV Internet TV content service platform.

in June this year, the twelfth session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) for the first time in the fifteenth session of the People’s Republic of China network security law (draft). The draft mentioned in the "State Council communications, radio and television, energy, transportation, water conservancy, financial industry departments and other relevant departments of the State Council in accordance with the provisions of the State Council duties, are responsible for the operation safety protection work guidance and supervision of critical information infrastructure."

in June 10th this year, the Internet and other information network dissemination of audio-visual programs management measures of the State Press and Publication Administration drafted "(Revised Draft)", the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council to seek the views of the public. The way the draft made it clear that the development of network radio and television services, should insist on serving the people and socialism, adhere to the correct orientation, putting social benefits first, promote the socialist core values, abide by the norms of socialist morality, and constantly reflect the development of the times and social progress theory "

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