n the fall of the one hundred thousand small and medium sized site network rectification

recently, the state required to rectify Internet vulgar information, the Ministry immediately issued five for strict control measures once found the website domain name, illegal sites, in addition to the web site to be processed, and the network operators have to be punished, the punishment of the operators have started to feel insecure, strict self censorship, the implementation of the "white list" system, do not have the relevant license, the list will be the first close re examination. Nearly 100 thousand small sites so close.

started by BT, Internet pornography campaigns have been upgraded to all domestic websites, from the grassroots webmaster to IDC (server operators) and domain name providers are difficult to escape. At the same time, in the clean environment, the removal of weeds, a large number of grassroots personal website is also facing a narrow living environment.

sell shoes small businessman encounter cup with

Feng is a college student, now in addition to classes and students by doing nothing, to pass the time playing cards. He was originally a shoe shop online campus agent, every day after school had received orders, receipt and delivery of the busy life in half a month ago, but since the shop independent website to landing, Feng was the part-time to "force majeure" is fired. "I just thought it was the beginning of my dorm room off the net, then went to the other room by the computer, do not find the same, so I called the shoe friend, he said the site down, tourists have broken the happy memories in mid December that day, half a month. Went to his friend’s shoe is still not to reopen the meaning of network. Although some websites have no jurisprudence involving violence but will still be broken to ensure the safety of operators, the media said: "Chinese personal website ten years ago".

100 thousand site "one size fits all" off

in the event the most affected is the personal website and IDC (Internet Data Center, Internet data center, which is managed server operators), domain name service provider. "This wave down should have 100 thousand sites to fall." Chinese stationmaster net editor small J laments, witnessed 10 years of development Chinese from Internet, telecom information port times website can only rely on word of mouth, to the search engine in the era of a hundred responses to a single call to a personal website, flowers contend, and you can only feel sorry for the small J the 100 thousand fall of the website.

since November of this year, some provinces and cities in order to troubleshoot the IDC computer room site, all of the broken network inventory directly, to determine the problem and then re on-line. At present, the number of sites at about 300 above, industry insiders estimate that after the storm, was shut down can not be opened there will be about 10 more than ten thousand, and the greater part will affect the flow by innocent.

In this

network in the rectification movement, let people know the "white list", "IDC" and other words. Also let people know the personal web site and by the IDC server provider, domain name service provider composed of intermediate network >

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