America grapefruit transformation community in a year commercial soon surfaced


technology news July 24th afternoon, with the United States grapefruit C round of financing in place, the U.S. grapefruit founder and CEO Chen Fangyi in an interview with Sina Technology revealed that the next step will continue to focus on the construction of female beauty grapefruit community investment, talent construction, at the same time, advertising, electricity suppliers and other business model will be ready.

last month, the U.S. grapefruit completed C $35 million round of financing, the venture capital fund in Asia Heiner (SIG) lead investor, Jingwei venture and Xianfeng Huaxing with investment funds currently have all arrived.

Once beauty grapefruit

is a location in the women’s application tools App, have menstrual records and other functions, from the beginning of last September from the tool turned to the community, in the built-in "her circle", female users to discuss topics of interest, including emotion, fashion, beauty, inoculation.

official data show that as of June 2014, the U.S. grapefruit active users exceeded 50 million, over 3 million 500 thousand daily active users. Chen Fangyi said, as of now, a total of nearly 10 US grapefruit has hundreds of active social circles, users posting daily 2 million 100 thousand posts, the community daily page views over one hundred million times, including love, fashion, delicacy and other topics of user participation is high.

it is understood that the U.S. grapefruit can be based on user behavior in the tool records and in the community of users provide health, weight loss, beauty, health and other aspects of the proposal, the task to develop personalized health.

in Chen Fangyi’s view, the Internet value chain, the tool is the top level, but the tools did not create information, their network, but not the Internet, while the bottom of the value chain is UGC, social networking and communication, in each of these products are in the creation of information and consumer information.


community can let us know the needs of women, if the attention weight plates, that they have to lose weight on demand, Manicure have Manicure demand, then the future commercial value on this side." Chen Fangyi said, "the process of commercialization should also give users something", the future will America grapefruit in such a way as to achieve commercialization.

Chen Fangyi appears in the community is the most difficult to understand the needs of users, which requires very large manpower to guide the user, the user operation, so this round of financing will be used to recruit talent and improve the beauty of grapefruit community. (


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