The use of QQ website publicity and popularity

sorted out and we exchange, I hope we can get inspiration from. According to incomplete statistics, QQ registered users have more than 300 million, MSN registration of 530 million, but the average number of online QQ day more than 15 million, does not include stealth! The fish has been hiding (joking). Some people say: there are places in the Internet, there are QQ. Yes, I really can not imagine how the Internet will become without QQ. Turn around, this is a IM software we use, the use of good publicity and promotion of the site can achieve the effect of.

      first of all under the QQ customer service. Now many stations (including many stations) in the obvious place to hang on the QQ customer contact. Make full use of QQ instant chat function, to a large extent, the convenience of communication with customers. Even chat code is as follows:

    < a; href="; Uin= your QQ number & Site= your site name & Menu=yes" target=" _blank"   >

    < img src=" p=1:; your QQ number: 4"   border=" 0" alt=" QQ" /> < /a>


      of course, there are a lot of beautiful customer service navigation, personal feel relatively strong professional station or personal station is more practical.

      select customer service number is also very important. A few days before passing through Wuhan Optics Valley square, next to a business office business phone is: 027-876543121, see I was dumbfounded, I cannot remember nor ah. Good resources need to pay the price, but we can choose according to their own situation is relatively good number of resources. For example, the number is short, homophonic, with 6 and 8 numbers etc.. GJJ QQ and mobile phone is more than 8. Good numbers will always be convenient for customers to find you, and can be a sign of a station. These will be invisible to your station to bring traffic.

      now simply talk about the promotion of experience.

      (a) start from their own settings, in the QQ personalized signature file hanging on the personality of the slogan, over a period of time to replace it, this place off

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