How to meet the needs of users in the era of information flooding

China from 1998 began to enter the Internet, network information has also experienced from nothing, from there to, from a flood process, it can be said now we have entered the Internet era, network information has entered the era of rampant, users face massive information become confused, which indicates a problem: in the flood of information era, the source of information is not a problem, more important is to show the information, namely how to better cater to the needs of users, users really need better and more efficient information displayed to the user


in the Web2.0 era, this problem has been a good solution. Dig website (Digg website) is a good solution, according to the law of Digg net of this one of the earliest legal industry Digg website as an example, on the Digg website:


, a Digg environment

why Digg can produce? Is an inevitable result of the development of the Internet to.

1, in the Web1.0 era, such as Sina and Sohu news, every day thousands of pieces of update, but browse news homepages that long list of headlines, how can the reader find interesting news from? How do you know what the news is the most valuable? > 2, the blog is popular today, more and more people to participate in the blog tide and wrote this blog, which caused the extreme explosion of information. Now, to search the Internet, most of the article is not from a website, but from a blog. However, massive information also brings for the reader, dragons and fishes jumbled together, in the face of such complicated information, how to select valuable things? For bloggers, how to let more people to see your article? For collectors, as previously saved and quickly find what is seen for a long time the value of the


3, in life we often encounter such a situation, to read a news or articles, if we think this article is well written, it is spontaneous in MSN or QQ to send a link for transmission to recommend for others to see, or to the forum posted, this is actually Digg "prototype.


legal network which is produced under such circumstances, his purpose is legal information mining. Mining also includes two aspects: the article selected from the ocean of information and comments on the news.

The crowd

two, digg for the

1, some people find the Digger: good article, we would like to recommend it to share with other people, these men are the driving force of digg. And those who submit their own articles, will be included in your Digg home, is tantamount to their offers a network favorites.

2, browser: for the reader, the article on the Digg website to see, are filtered by friends, are removed >

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