To fight hit a big watermelon marketing

exquisite 3D screen, the impact of sound, anti war ideas, full of moral plot…… Recently, a section called "playing, playing a big watermelon," the animated video in the major forums heat transfer, sought after by users. Some even give it the title of "the most animated cartoon in China". Now living in Chengdu, 28 year old Yang Yu is the author of this video, in order to just about 16 minutes of content, he spent half a year and a half closed door creation. "This video contains anti war thought, at the same time also want to express, people need some insight in most of the time, only out of dust can get rid of confusion." Yang Yu said. From "Jia Junpeng, your mom calls you home for dinner" to "hit, hit a big watermelon" 3G new media has been concerned about the network events, and from the perspective of marketing to interpret these network events. 3G new media marketing director on the fight, hit a big watermelon, the animated video in the heat of the major forums, sought after by users of the phenomenon, called on corporate marketing staff to fight, play a big watermelon learning. From the following three aspects to resolve this network video:

first, the competition between enterprises

shopping malls such as the battlefield, competition is inevitable, moderate competition is conducive to enterprise development, but the vicious competition will inevitably bring about a lose lose outcome. Such as "fight, hit a big watermelon," described in the story of the two leaders around the map negotiations, divide the land on the issue of disagreement, then launched the world war. The two countries launched a fierce battle in the air, the plane crashed, two people fell on a desert island. In order to survive, they sent a distress signal, together to find food, soon, two people from the enemy into mutual support friends. They finally came to the rescue fleet, but at each other on both sides of the bombing, two flight soldiers suddenly do not want to leave the island, accustomed to island life like, they give up on board. At the end of the video, naval gunfire since four, two people use stone as a pawn, carefree and content underground had chess. Vicious competition between enterprises is always present, some time ago, moving door event is a recent example of our network. Therefore, enterprises should correctly treat competition 1 not because of the immediate and long-term development cost; 2 competition may not be able to bring the maximum benefit, win-win cooperation to achieve cooperation; 3 communication, effective way to avoid vicious competition. We all hope to get more than others, always want to be stronger than others, which is of course the quality of individual self-reliance, but also to promote the social development of the driving force, but often let us become shallow, short-sighted. Cooperation is often the most happy, the most economical way to profit.

two, the product is the key link should not be ignored.

marketing theory emerge in an endless stream, the theory of 4P-5P-5C is full of our marketing staff, many companies are concerned about corporate marketing and publicity, focus on market share and profit. I have no objection to publicity of enterprises, after all, now already not "sell themselves" era, but we really should be in the product under foot. For just 16 minutes, >

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