Do you know the latest dry cleaners


technology update speed is staggering, ready to open many dry cleaners entrepreneurs are poorly understood on the latest dry cleaning equipment, dry cleaning equipment for use but it is very important for the shop, what plays what role?

two days before a customer just told me that he went to another company on time, the staff told him in a difference in the price of the equipment and the specific equipment is doing what he was completely confused. Here are a few examples of common equipment to explain with you.

vacuum suction type rocker ironing table ironing table with traditional: This is not the same, when the traditional ironing table ironing all need to fix the artificial clothes and ironing clothes by hand, or will run around, and the ironing table, he is able to put the clothes in the hot ironing board direct adsorption;

Choushi Quzi Taiwan: This is mainly for special treatment (such as blood stains, oil stains, dyeing and so on), use the Quzi Taiwan can go through spray stains table (which can be added to stain drops) the physical effect and adsorption capacity of the table down to the stain removal the purpose of


portrait ironing machine: that is, a piece of ordinary clothes directly set in the ironing machine directly outside the ironing, which is not required manual. There are still a lot of advanced equipment in the dry cleaning shop, so we have a great competitive advantage compared with the traditional dry cleaners. If you are interested, you can consult our aunt Marie dry cleaners.

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