How to open a fruit store Look at how the wholesaler recommends

for a fruit shop, if the purchase is not in place, it will directly affect the later fruit sales, thereby affecting the store’s profits, reputation and long-term. So, if you want to successfully open a fruit shop, naturally also need to do a good job in stock. So, how to open a home store? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to a wholesaler is how to say.

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in XX Changsha fruit wholesale fruit market, as some people say the stock picking fruits way is not suitable, because you can not wholesale retail a pick, we are shipping boxes, and a box of packaging will follow the law of the level of surface appearance no matter how much you would choose, there will be defective.

is more important, as we face the customer is a prefecture level city in cities and provinces of the next wholesalers wholesalers and large chain supermarket, fruit and fruit, like a small store because with the volume of small is almost no bargaining power, let alone let you pick out.

When I used to do basic

will patiently let small customers to choose, then do not let the basic pick, which is a box open box, take it or leave it, because if hundreds of pieces of goods to open a piece of two pieces of goods people, it is not possible, too a waste of time.

like some people say that the relationship with the wholesalers to play a good, this is not the role of the reasons for the same, we are mainly faced with the prefecture level city wholesalers, they are our god. Basically we are waiting on these people every day, I do not know a day to smoke a few packs of cigarettes to these individuals.

and less in our market is positive, just how much. And in the fruit market fruit wholesale very tired, we are every day at two or three in the morning to sell, so after ten days will be very tired, but the fruit market general cultural quality is not high, the small customer attitude is not good business There are plenty of people who.

to do so in the Changsha fruit shop here, either with the supermarket procurement, procurement chain, prefecture level city wholesalers conversational, let them take, not only can learn to pick the goods, can also bargain. Or have relatives and friends in the fruit market, they help you. Otherwise, basically ten times to take the goods nine pits, Changsha XX side of the market because the market is not standardized, not illegal and deceptive.

so, though the fruit shop purchase is a lot of advice, but most of the time, in the face of these small fruit shop operators, wholesalers simply buy it, so if you want to enter the real good, better and local buyers dealt this will make the goods more cheaper.

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