Shop novice how to auction Dongdong

as a novice shop, that is because of lack of experience, and because no popularity, therefore, want to let business get very good development, this is a very difficult thing, also need to adopt a more correct management strategy. Here, a new method to improve the network Xiaobian this is the auction. So, shop novice how to auction Dongdong?

one, the choice of auction Dongdong

auction, can’t take valuable Dongdong shoot, such as auction you one with a price of three dollars, that is not what meaning, why? Can not attract buyers eye ah, ah, ah, do not engage in auction. Better get a sales price, ha ha.

There is a

, that is the auctions must ensure the quality, our purpose is to attract more customers, if they took your stuff to see is in a complete mess after the receipt of goods, I believe he will never again go to your store.

two, auction time set

must choose one more time to start the auction, such as some goods at night more attention, then choose the evening shelves, some commodities in the 10 point –12 of the focus, the choice of the time, selling things not stereotyped, to combine their goods more flexible, you look at the main consumer groups the goods, then analyze the main access time they decide your stuff on time, also do not remember at the weekend because it is at the end of the shelves, on the weekend, but relatively weekend Internet is relatively small. The opportunity to compensate for the big, and the auction must choose fourteen days, do not choose the seven day, a long time, but also a little bit less well – people flow is also big ah.

three, auction to do publicity

as long as there is an auction in the East, we should spare no effort to promote this commodity, in any place to do publicity.

so how many places do we have?

1, baby name must be good, this I do not want to say it, that is to say that we can use a few key words can be found to your baby, this is the opportunity to browse large. We can look at me now auctions, is not very chatty ah, ha ha, is a pillow, and the pillow. In fact, I don’t see my name so smooth, so named to oh. Do not believe you either enter the "pillow" or "pillow" can be found to me in the home, while others can only enter one can find. And enter the other on the search less than. What about? Didn’t notice it.

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