Open a shop to make money what business rules

now the requirements of people wearing the shoes are very high, so it is, therefore, now on the market of each shoe business are very popular, then run a profitable business shop in the end what rule? Let’s take a look at it.

target consumer groupsBetween

location and store decoration

in addition to people where to go, you should consider people spend long it will take to get to your store. The more expensive products, the customer is not willing to spend the time, such as convenience stores in 3 minutes to define the main business district, the coffee shop is about 5 minutes, unless you intend to sell this car high priced goods, otherwise the general customers far can only endure 7 minute traffic time.

name and service

name must be innovative, should contain a unique business philosophy. Do not be too enthusiastic service, but let the guests have a chance to easily browse, and then take the initiative to do some simple introduction. In the details reflect the humanized management idea, for example, can prepare a book, what advice or customers pick in a boots but no suitable number can leave their views, to shop more than the opportunity to make money for.


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