Need to pay attention to the psychological health problems of adolescents Dutch act 8 year old boy w

China adolescent mental health seems to gradually decline, recently a 8 year old Gansu boy was hanged Dutch act. The cause of death or because the work was scolded parents, leading to suicide. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

1 26 afternoon, Anning District of Gansu Lanzhou a 8 year old boy was killed in the Dutch act. Some friends broke the news that the boy suspected of writing homework problems were parents reprimanded suicide. Currently, local police have been involved in the investigation of the real cause of death. It is understood that the incident occurred in the peace zone in the sea area of Triumphal Arch. Friends said, the boy was to lock the door because of work by the parents scolded Dutch act, in the afternoon of 26 dead at home.

Anning District Hospital Emergency Department of Lanzhou Changfeng

Anning District Public Security Bureau of the staff told surging news, he has not yet mastered the police identification report. "I don’t feel like a family." The staff member said that a simple conclusion for the parents to blame, a bit irresponsible.

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