Small green shell egg rich ability

eggs is not a new thing, a lot of hot business is also relying on this thing, but here a small series introduced a new breed – green shell eggs, have you seen it? Some readers said that the bridge and other places have villagers selling eggs. Recently, the reporter learned that the production of green shell eggs hen home, is located in Jiangdu, Jiangsu Poultry Research Institute (that is, Poultry Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) breeding base.

10 bred Purebred Chicken

2006 years, this kind of chicken through the validation, has its own name – Su Yang green shell layer". The day before, the "green shell egg breeding and egg nutritional efficacy research" also won the 2008 annual Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences science and technology prize two.

green shell egg one yuan per


1 eggs can be sold for 1 yuan, in addition, has the advantages of tender meat, fragrant young cock and eliminating old chicken, sales price reached 16 yuan per kilogram to 14, is 1.5 – 2 times the ordinary chicken.

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