Xining North fire brigade to carry out construction site safety inspection

lessons for the "10· 9" Xining East District high-rise building external wall insulation fire accidents, prevent fire accidents, the fire brigade north area combined with the actual area, organize the supervision personnel quickly carry out construction safety inspection activities at the site.

Xining City Fire Brigade North District fire supervisory personnel to give time to rest, into the area of 8 construction site fire safety inspection, found hidden 18, the problem can be found on the spot rectification on the spot rectification, the rectification of the moment can not specify the security responsibility, the rectification is completed before October 25th, and issued the "notice on to strengthen the fire safety work of the construction site". At the same time, it is proposed that all construction enterprises should supervise and urge all units in the construction site to do a good job in the construction site of fire prevention work, the establishment of fire safety production responsibility system, improve the fire safety system, strengthen safety inspections. In the construction of the project department should strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction site is equipped with adequate fire equipment, to regularly check the fire equipment, to ensure the effective use of fire equipment. Inflammable and explosive materials should be placed in a dedicated warehouse, and sent to take care of people, stacked in the construction site, such as waste materials should be cleaned out of the construction site. Workers are prohibited in the use of electric or gas tanks in the dormitory cooking, prohibit workers in the dormitory at any time to pick up the private wire or the use of high-power appliances. Strengthen the daily fire safety education workers, organize regular fire drills.


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