Get together Qinghai Zhangjiajie flying heart embrace nature

do you want to explore the snow leopard and the wolf? Do you want to race with the hare woods now? Do you want to feel Xian azalea flowers floating in the garden? Do you want to enjoy the ice fall in hot summer? You want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city to calm down and enjoy the magic of nature? In the Tibetan Plateau, Zhangjiajie, the national Forest Park – the observation area, you can feel the. Some media said that the Chahansala river is a scenic spot of the Dabanshan glacier erosion for the Tibetan Plateau, and nature in the alpine Canyon created unlimited scenery amorous feelings and extraordinary as if done by the spirits. In the heart between the high mountains and lofty hills azalea flowers, bright mountain and along a river, the reporter stroll in the Chahansala River scenic area, start looking for the rare and beautiful Tibetan plateau.

experience: return to the natural beauty of the different

fascinating Chahansala River National Forest Park, in the rock cliff, stone cave, Qifeng Songtao clouds, fountain in one stream and has unique Feng, resplendent with variegated coloration of grass, rare fowls and strange animals. Through the spring, summer, autumn, winter and Yin, sunny, rain, snow scenery changes, showing a unique unique river of Qi River, odd, dangerous, show the natural landscape, and thus enjoy the "Qinghai Tibet Plateau Zhangjiajie" reputation.

Cha Han River Scenic history was built in 1996, 2002 approved by the national Forest Park, located in the northwest of Datong Daban mountain of treasure forest, a total area of 3114 hectares, the forest coverage rate is 58%, 2868-4235 meters above sea level, north to south, a narrow ravine landform. Scenic area south of Heiquan reservoir are closely linked, Menyuan County North, 80 kilometers from the provincial capital of Xining City, 45 kilometers away from the Datong county.

Cha Han River scenic area is divided into Shimen, Donggou, Daxigou, cypress four sightseeing area, the main attractions are the waterfall, the rabbit steal immortal grasses, Shimen, jiangjunyan, watery diarrhea, high flow, Xiafei Red Phoenix in morning sun monk chanting etc., they are in a peculiar form, open people rich imagination, give a person enjoy every June azalea flowers all over the mountain, very spectacular, hauntingly. There are rich in animal and plant resources, wild animals inhabit the mountains and famous medicinal herbs are widely distributed, such as Cordyceps sinensis. Juniper, purple birch, Rhododendron, alpine plants all over the valley, is the Datong county territory only a piece of the original round Berlin distribution, in succession and distribution, have academic research;

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