Xining City Health Bureau issued a warning to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

winter is the season of high incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning, after entering the winter, temperatures drop, low air pressure, indoor air flow, households, schools, construction sites, catering and entertainment business premises for events using stove, coal-fired heating equipment and food with carbon monoxide induced Hot pot poisoning have occurred. To this end, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau issued a warning: to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

according to the statistics of the incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning in Xining over the years, each year in November to the next year in March, is a high incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, the public must do a good job of prevention, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

prevention knowledge

is a coal-fired heating housing must ensure fuel burning thoroughly; two is to rely on coal heating households need to put the chimney, chimney and keep tight structure and good ventilation, to prevent leakage of smoke and smoke; three is the regular inspection of liquefied gas, natural gas pipeline, the valve to prevent gas leakage; the four is the case of carbon monoxide poisoning should be taken immediately to ventilation, sent to hospital rescue personnel poisoning.


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