2015 overseas scholars innovation and Entrepreneurship Week held in Heilongjiang

is now around in order to attract business, have organized a series of business activities, held recently in Heilongjiang innovation and Entrepreneurship Week activities, attracted overseas entrepreneurs from all walks of life at the same time, the effect is very significant.

to implement the action plan for Heilongjiang province 1000 science and technology enterprises for three years, to further encourage and attract overseas talents to Heilongjiang province from July 29th to August 1st, innovation and entrepreneurship, "sea Fair Organizing Committee Office (center of foreign science and technology cooperation in Harbin province) and Qigihar held the" 2015 Heilongjiang overseas talents of innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, this week, a total of 46 invited overseas from the United States, Britain, Germany and other 12 countries studied, including 33 doctoral, 13 master’s degree. High tech projects with industrial prospects of many fields they were carrying biotechnology, new materials, energy and environmental protection, information technology, equipment manufacturing and other 54 items, and the relevant responsible person for technical and personnel units from the province to the city related enterprises, universities and research institutes were fully docking negotiations, and achieved good results, a total of 49 reached a cooperation agreement.

?? week according to the thrifty, pragmatic, efficient and innovative principle do, before collecting province technology and talents, people were pre docking fully and invited overseas. Activity cycle through the organization of "cold cross-border LED lighting application development forum", "environmental protection industry matchmaking, biomedicine Park docking will benefit", "Information Technology Valley project docking activities", "innovation and entrepreneurship environment Promotion Advisory Council, Qigihar special promotion and matchmaking to demand investigation unit docking site exchange activities, the integration of our province government, production, learning and research, gold and other multi edge strength, build talent project introduction, scientific and technological achievements into the platform, the high level of scientific and technological achievements, and actively promote the transformation of the landing of overseas scholars in our province.

?? from the Brunel University, Dr. Xu Yanmeng through the docking, signed a cooperation agreement with the Harbin Engineering University College of material, jointly carry out research and development of flexible energy storage materials and equipment, and the establishment of institutions in cooperation with the cultivation of master’s and doctoral students. At the same time, with the development of graphite graphite Harbin science and Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of sealing applications, product upgrades and the EU market development reached a cooperation intention. Dr. Wang Junli from the United States   "flocculant sensor and computer intelligent optimal control system with on-line detection and Shuangcheng city water supply and drainage water treatment company reached a cooperation agreement, plans to industrial production line landed as soon as possible, the tap water plant can accurate delivery flocculant, real-time monitoring of water quality, improve water quality, energy saving and emission reduction. During the meeting Dr Xu Huilian from Japan made a special trip to Jixi on the development and production of bio organic fertilizer project investigation and docking, decided to venture in our province, intends to set up in Harbin and Jixi, the production of biological liquid fertilizer, feed additive and water purifying agent and bacteria, organic selenium rich rice etc. series of health products.

?? according to the field of overseas scholars recommended in Qigihar

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