From the details of the service can retain more customers

is now a lot of shopkeepers lamented that the customer is difficult to stay, and some shops are doing nothing, but the customer is endless, this is not, this article describes the shop is so. Yuzun famous cigarette firm, located in Ji’an City, Jiangxi province Jinggangshan Road East Qingyuan District, elegant decoration bright, with operating high-end tobacco and local specialties, particularly repeat customers, the most impressive is the focus on the details of the hospitality.

once, the author to the store to buy cigarettes, the store owner Li Xiaoyu is on the right side of the Rest Area parlor, see someone at the door, she came up with a smile, ask what I want to buy something, when I explain why Li Xiaoyu soon fetch me a cigarette. "Where is this cigarette?" I asked, half jokingly, "this is the smoke of the tobacco companies."

she kindly answered, while the printed on the box on the cigarette bar code means to me, so that I can buy, when I paid the money, her hands change to me, look at me when pastry cleaning, and printed with "small mark Yuzun" in a corner of cigarettes, complete the cigarette into the bag in purple. During the period, she also took me to visit the store camellia oil, bagged black bone chicken, bamboo shoots and other specialty products, the shopping let me remember.

another time, one of my comrades come from the field of play, we want to give him a little souvenir back, my wife and I discuss where to buy right, we just want to change a garbage bag, opened the drawer and found a purple bag is very conspicuous, start one emblazoned with the name Yuzun smoke wine business contact, I put the last details to buy cigarettes with his wife said, she immediately agreed to also go to the old place to enjoy the service.

I went downstairs when driving, found the car wouldn’t start, I try holding the mentality with the shopkeeper Li Xiaoyu by telephone, asked her if she had a delivery service, she advised me to look at the store or to buy more appropriate, in the know my car broke down, immediately told me to recommend a the garage said, first-class service, the price is reasonable, not too far away from my home, her car was designated to do maintenance there, also put the phone to me. After asking me to buy local specialty reasons, she also helped me pick up a few grades and affordable local products, so that the man sent me to the door, after this time, I became her store loyal customers.

now because more and more shops, customer diversion phenomenon is very serious, bad shop business is also a fact. But in fact, to retain customers, do not need too many marketing practices, starting from the details of the service, you can make customers feel respected, perhaps to receive unexpected results. Of course, if you can provide customers a little help, so full of customers will point the day and await for it.

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