Jingmen new professional farmers training force to promote entrepreneurship

is now in rural area is a good place to start, and entrepreneurship in the vast rural areas have also been welcomed by many government departments in Jingmen City, Hubei Province, launched a new occupation farmer training "pushing the villagers entrepreneurship.

7 22, agency, bureau of Dongbao District in Hubei province Jingmen city started the pilot work of the new occupation farmer training ", in the area of Xianju Township organizations to carry out marketing and" Internet plus "training, 62 family farmers, cooperatives responsible person Small and micro businesses boss attended the training. The three villages in the village of Huaxing Group engaged in the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, letinous edodes, who is now a family of farmers Zhang division, told reporters: this training broadens the horizon, go back and buy a computer ready to do business on the Internet at once ".

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