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there are many kinds of coffee: American coffee, white coffee, espresso, and so on, do you know what is the basis of these coffee? What is their origin? Due to the limited space, Xiao Bian here to tell you about the origin of American coffee, as well as how to identify it.

"American coffee" (English: Americano) is a kind of coffee, is the most common coffee. It is produced using Espresso coffee machine, the taste is relatively light.

features of American coffee

The characteristics of

Cafe Americano is over indulgence, like a no restrictions of any kind, does not need the rules of the game. Europeans pay attention to the variety of coffee, Americans are dismissive. Americans drink coffee to drink freely, American coffee is also difficult to separate into their lives, the impact of the deep and even no coffee is not the point of life.

in the home, office, public places or roadside vending machines, Americans almost twenty-four hours a day can not do without coffee. So drink 1/3 of the world’s coffee production, is the world’s largest consumer of coffee.

generally speaking, American life is busy and tense, unlike the people in Europe and the middle east. A bottle of Cafe Americano, from morning to night, because the water increases, less coffee, taste particularly weak, so many people criticize Cafe Americano is difficult to drink. In fact, throughout the United States, American coffee lovers as long as the amount of snacks, or can enjoy their favorite coffee flavor. If the American coffee is divided into two categories, the east coast of the United States than the West Bank to drink too strong, and the South than the north.

in addition, although the United States is the largest coffee exporting countries, but the United States itself to drink coffee is not much. In recent years, they have become increasingly concerned about the health of the diet, the market has increased the market for decaffeinated coffee, coffee and sugar free atmosphere is becoming increasingly common.

origin of American coffee

the name of the American coffee comes from the war period in the United States, the United States military hot water into the European common small espresso. It is said that the first manned lunar landing Appollo spacecraft, the fault happened An important juncture of life and death on the voyage home, then the ground staff comfort three astronauts of the sentence is: come on! A hot Cafe Americano is waiting for you.

because Americans tend to be more casual and simple in the preparation of coffee, this approach quickly became popular with American stores in the world. In general, a cup of American coffee is made up of two

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