What is the biggest tragedy of Entrepreneurship do the whole company to do a product but no one last

do the company’s strength to do a product, but no one in the end, this is the biggest waste of start-up companies.

text / Li Shanyou

I have a student, is the founder of the hotel tonight, any special Xin, in recent years, with the central European business camp two students to share, he talked about an important starting point for entrepreneurship.

in their early ready to launch this project, they more reference to the similar foreign products mode, the focus for business travelers, looking for several cooperation hotel in a city, the establishment of online payment system, the use of prepayment mode. As a result, for a period of time down, the business situation is very bleak, the amount of orders every day to be able to count the number of fingers. At first they thought it was the right thing to do. Until six months later, they finally wake up, in fact, the initial assumptions are problematic. But half a year’s time has been wasted.

when Ren Xin later reflect on this period of entrepreneurial experience, reached a conclusion: venture capital company to do the full force of the company to do a product, and finally no one to use, this is a real waste. Later, when he was learning to read CEIBS entrepreneurship camp "lean enterprise" this book of MVP (Minimum Viable Product, referred to as MVP, namely "the minimum viable product") concept, the enlightened, he found a solution to the problems encountered at the beginning.

in general sense, entrepreneurship to solve two things. First, you need to know what the user needs; second, you can provide such a solution to the needs. These problems are essentially unknown. If you are in a hurry to determine the direction of all unknown circumstances, it is possible to lift the company’s power up, it is likely to occur as a result of tonight’s special hotel encounter.

lean entrepreneurship this book gives the solution is MVP. In other words, in the case of market uncertainty, through the design of experiments to test your product or direction is feasible. If your assumptions have been verified, then put into the market if there is no large-scale resources; through the, this is a quick trial and error, adjust the direction as soon as possible.

took this project for example, tonight hotel special offer, if he is a start to worry a lot of manpower and material resources, in cooperation with a large number of hotels on deep line, but the city, art dragon, Taobao and other online listing data sign over, concentrated on one page, even his own pocket for each room discount 100 block, you can do a very good experiment, testing whether the user needs such a service; if necessary, what kind of model is more in line with consumer habits. This may take one or two months to get effective information, and the cost is very low.

in fact, lean entrepreneurship, the book is the first public comment founder Zhang Tao recommended to me. In Central Europe during the class, he took out a web page, it took him 3 days to do out of the public comment on the first web page. He was ashamed to give

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