2014 top 10 trends and Entrepreneurship


our obsession with technology is increasingly confusing us. When we are immersed in technology and more on the "net" of life at the same time, we have to begin to miss the past more low-key and easy life. We are closely connected with the technology, but we will also be confused about the future.

is like a teenager with the same symptoms.

we treat these emotions of technological change will also have a direct impact on 2014, our needs and ways of thinking.

, director of the new focus of JWT advertising company in New York Ann Mack cited in 2014 and after the development of science and technology in the direction of. For entrepreneurs looking for ways to promote their business model forward, or are thinking about the direction of their startups potential entrepreneurs, you can look at the top ten JWT entrepreneurial inspiration:

1 immersive experience. We need more entertainment. These amusements must be able to mobilize all our senses.

product inspiration: speaker equipment wireless audio system manufacturer Sonos has been launched in New York and Losangeles, the use of these devices, with the coming out of the loudspeakers music, also have color, lighting and animation release.

The use of

2 picture exchange, this is an era of pictures. More and more we live in a world of vision. Camera, camera and computer all day in our hands, we use Instagram to capture and share our breakfast, we are on the way to work with Vine shooting and video sharing, our friend in the blog dinner photo, released on the Facebook of our living room decoration photos.

product inspiration: online dating site Tinder 350 million people per day swipe into. Do not need to fill out tedious and wordy, or read over sharing personal files; user photo based evaluation.

3 faster, faster, faster. We are in what Mike calls "the age of impatience" (Mack). Customers expect more, faster and more convenient than ever before. And we’re getting more and more impulsive. Therefore, all provide faster service companies are favored.

product inspiration: eBay will now send you anything you want from local merchants for about $5 an hour.

4 mobile Internet can bring any opportunity. Having a cell phone now means that you are connected to the world. More and more mobile technologies, and even simple SMS text messages, are being used to provide health care, education, and financial opportunities for people in developing countries.

product ideas: Vodafone (Vodafone) and the Turkey Department of food and agriculture to establish a partnership, so that.

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