nternet era open shop

intends to open the shop a lot of friends, but most still hesitant. They start from their own specific circumstances, there are many concerns and confusion.

1- full-time or part-time?

for those who have a physical store, an increase in the expansion of online sales channels is an extension of nature, do not need to consider this issue. For students who are working or need to carefully weigh. Unless you have a great grasp of good supply channels, familiar with the related industry, relatively abundant funds, otherwise, pertinent suggestions are part-time business gradually started, do a good job full-time too late, calmly think more, reduce business risk, give yourself a road is a wise choice!

2- in the end what to do?

each of the friends who want to shop first encountered this problem. Look at the Taobao bar, a variety of almost anything to sell, we can see the different ideas. Because each person has different resources, different interests and preferences have decided to engage in different industries, to seek a solid, reliable supply is a prerequisite for doing a good job shop.

for now, starting from the consumer psychology, combined with today’s Chinese is not perfect personal credit system, the customer service service shop is most suitable for the sales of some relative value is not too high, consumers need, demand is not high, not easy to go bad, don’t need to try or try to determine whether the appropriate goods, such as cosmetics, tea, handicrafts, books, audio and video products or some specifications of the standard uniform, through photos and descriptions can be determined to meet the needs of the product, can do some of the best brand-name products, the customer is very attractive, a little-known brand to customer acceptance is very difficult.

3- purchase supply.

this is probably the first major problems encountered by some entrepreneurs. Decide what to do, come down to find sources. Building a smooth, reliable and competitive supplier is the first step to success.

had met a girl who had just graduated from college, she told me that she was selling things are usually scattered to buy. Obviously this is not enough: one is the scattered purchase price is very high, count the profit margins, price sold to the customer is too high, can not attract customers; second is the channel is not stable, when the customer needs, it is difficult to find, affecting customer confidence in the shop; three is your love style and variety of customers not love, will cause some product backlog; four varieties and specifications is not complete, the product is too single, customers would choose other products more abundant, more complete varieties and specifications of businesses. Therefore, this business model can only be said to be holding the mentality to play, to experience the taste of the open network shop, but also to talk about the real shop owner!

network operators should contact the supplier and wholesaler, the formal purchase, but the reality is the wholesale price of scattered shipping providers are scanty like, which is often encountered embarrassment when shop contact suppliers. But this gives

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