Li Kaifu 20 years of entrepreneurship is not OK


, a lot of people see is Facebook, apple, these companies are established by entrepreneurs around 20 years old, but in China, the entrepreneur of the age of more than and 20 will go very hard." Innovation workshop chairman and CEO Li Kaifu believes that the country now appears 20 year old entrepreneurial direction is not accessible. First, Chinese education is single, difficult to cultivate students all rounder, very hard in the financial times, communication products, have achieved; second, the United States is encouraged to do follow your heart, and Chinese still focus on first to read other good later. Third, China’s Internet is a serious political arena, "3Q", "small" war after another, a person who has just graduated from a very difficult to go to war in the near future 3. Li Kaifu explained his reasons. He said that in the past 10 years, the average age of Chinese Internet companies when they venture is 33 years old, when the listing is close to the age of 40. In the incubation process also found that the success rate of mature entrepreneurs should be higher than the first 4-5 times.

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