Wang Jiang Amateur angels regardless of the interests of the two vendors

know someone asked, "who is the commander of the King River?" innovation works investment manager Zhang Liang replies about such a story:

Wang Jiang business trip in Chengdu to see an entrepreneur. This person can be regarded as the king of the flight steward of a small rival. But because the other products do well, he would like to help, can find the investment to each other, it is not OK to borrow some money to each other.

Zhang Liang was a little shocked. "In China, the vast majority of entrepreneurs think strangle each other, let alone is not willing to help peers, do not know will not curse the darkness. But Wang Jiang actually want to help their competitors, out of curiosity, Zhang Liang saw the entrepreneur – the founder of the hotel up to the people of Liu Zhangbo. Then, the Innovation workshop quickly gave him investment.

this is really the style of Wang Jiang, warm-hearted. It was a chance to help a friend, he became an angel investor. Flight steward, UCWEB and, collar ring, book buyers, playing are from his hand. Because the love drama "brothers" in captain Winters, he gave himself a nickname of "company commander".


ring is brought into the investment company commander Yu Yongfu and Lei Jun. Yu also Lenovo investment (now renamed Jun linked capital), because there is a mutual friend, so familiar with each other. In 2007, Yu Yongfu began to do UC, Wang in the century of friends engage in wireless value-added services. In the face of a mobile phone can browse the web, but also to help users save traffic products, he was very interested in. Two people together talked a few times, one day at a cafe in Lei Jun downstairs, the investment UC the matter was settled.

"I do investment is accidental, there is no clear idea. I don’t know how to invest. Therefore, I have always been a positive, rational, hard working investors. Especially at the beginning, it was completely out of line." He is positioning himself as an amateur angel investors, even a do not participate in the interests of the "two traffickers" — because there is not enough time to understand the new project, so a lot of time to find the door to the entrepreneurs to engage in investment to other friends.

After the completion of the first

angel investment, Wang Jiang felt a little mean. "It’s not about how much money will be invested in the future," he said. Just think there are opportunities and some outstanding entrepreneurs have a close communication, over the past 5 years at UC throughout the development and growth, you feel is not only a spectator, this experience very interesting, I think the investment is to buy an experience."

, for example, he often shares some of the things he heard from Yu Yongfu. Because the VC origin of Yu Yongfu, language summary ability is very strong. "I told him at the time of the exchange, he often told me about 12345, the future of the industry, three important trends, there are five important strategies in these three important trends, five strategies we basically divided into three steps." Wang Jiang said, the formation of habits, "

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