Website brand planning user experience and service is the cornerstone

is a website of brand planning and building including a lot of content, the website name, domain name, user experience, service and marketing are website brand image quality, an important factor related to site traffic and development. For small and medium sites, compared to the Internet giant and large sites, and there is no adequate funding and resources into the domain name, marketing. Therefore, good user experience and web services is particularly important. Especially in the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, the user experience is increasingly becoming the key factor affecting the ranking of the site today, the user experience is good or bad, not only related to the introduction of site traffic. More related to the site for the user’s attractiveness, a direct impact on user conversion and website stickiness. The website service quality, is directly to the website main standard to distinguish various grades and ranks, the grade of the website. There is a saying that the best service is the best promotion. Service is done, the user will take the initiative to help you promote the brand. So, the website do brand planning, can not do without the construction of the user experience and service improvement.

58 city, as the country’s largest classified information website, has been a major platform for Internet users to find all kinds of second-hand transactions, rental and other information. About the user experience, there are many places need to be improved, not long ago in Sina micro-blog, there are user authentication and the CEO @58 City King Satoshi Yao Jinbo. Said the three use of the city of 58, because of different reasons for the release of information was deleted, the user experience is not satisfied with the city of 58. 58 city vice president Chen Xiaohua responded, said: all the reasons are because our system has a rule, not allowed to release. Not allowed to release the phone number is not consistent with the location of the IP, but also in the content is not allowed to fill in contact. We used to make the most stringent standards in the industry, in order to prevent fraud, so the inconvenience to you, we apologize, we will review our rules, reasonable optimization." The 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo should also be followed by the user, said the city is indeed the implementation of the industry’s most stringent rules of information audit. Across three cities, a number of people with the same number of information, sublet housing. If 10% of the manslaughter of 1%, less fraud, we will choose the 1%.. We look at how to optimize your case. Then the king also said his Satoshi micro-blog information was manslaughter for 58 city official response, and thus improve the user experience is worth it.


Yao Jinbo respond to user feedback


58 vice president of the city to respond to user information was deleted


user statement

from micro-blog certified users reflect 58 city user experience is not difficult to see the user experience and service experience for the role of brand building site. On the one hand, the user experience does not

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