Agricultural electricity supplier or represent the general trend variation

in a network as the representative of the agricultural industry in agricultural electricity began to emerge since 2014, and in 2015 the agricultural field blew a hurricane, has had a profound impact on the agricultural operation. The Ministry of Commerce issued in March this year, the 2016 "electronic commerce and information points" in put forward "accelerating E-commerce into the countryside" guidance, is conducive to the development of agricultural business.

has been the agricultural industry for the agricultural electricity providers of new channels, new tools, new platform. However, since the end of March this year, the agricultural electricity providers bad mouthing the sound intensified, more than a dozen domestic and foreign well-known agricultural enterprises or through the official website of WeChat platforms have sound: the company is not authorized any individuals and units through the network marketing products, through the network business to buy the product if there is a problem or loss has nothing to do with the company. Such a statement, a boycott and even blocked the development trend of agricultural business.

why the sound of singing constantly?

from agricultural manufacturing enterprises focused sound, agricultural electricity supplier sales have great responsibility and interests can not be ignored. Therefore, we find the sequence of events is the key.

1 agricultural electricity supplier sales long-standing

After the rise of

shop selling agricultural behavior is not electricity supplier agricultural things, as early as in agricultural electricity providers before, along with the rise of the rise of online shopping at the same time, due to the lack of organization, promotion, service, integrity, shop sales transaction is not a scale, no influence. From a network of specialized agricultural agricultural business platform, agricultural business platform "professional from the unknown to the public to go from scrappy to platform operation, from the lack of service to the service innovation, changed the situation, showing a strong momentum of development of professional service platform.

2 explosive product strategy highlights the weakness of the electricity supplier

business platform to launch various agricultural products and services, for the rapid expansion of industry influence and market share, without exception, take the price competition strategy. This strategy is undoubtedly the most direct and effective strategy for users. Such as agricultural electricity providers launched in glyphosate products sales of electricity providers, especially the strategy. Therefore, agricultural electricity supplier is throwing money earned, not only to "bleeding", "blood transfusion should continue". "Blood transfusion" means that the body is fragile and needs to be maintained by external resources. Blood donation is the active bleeding, is to bring the return of shareholders. Either way, the agricultural business platform to maintain and develop, have to rely on "blood" as the basis. Obviously, relying on blood transfusion is not going down, blood is always limited. Where does the blood come from? If it can’t be "blood", it will be impossible to change the blood donation. Behind the agricultural electricity supplier bigger sales, what to rely on to achieve the blood? Do stunts or rely on sales, sales and other related services by making money is the future.

3 service does not fall left saphenous


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