The analysis of Taobao train positioning techniques Amoy blue solution


train, precision marketing tool for a better, no matter the size can be opened, make money but smile, lose heart, this platform seemingly everyone can participate, actually requires a certain skill, how you can drive the train, can cause better development, this the seller should be a lot of issues of concern. The following Amoy blue ocean to briefly describe some personal views on the operation of the car tips and methods. Many people say that it is not easy to drive through, in fact, driving is a skill!

recently many people give us a message in the blue ocean Amoy on the official website for sharing some skills, train card. We hereby give you answer. In the car before the first ask yourself: what is the purpose of my car? Flow? Conversion? Or ROI? In fact, no matter what purpose, the ultimate goal is to make money, not to make money for the purpose of the promotion is nonsense. How to open the train, this article to share with you through some factors that influence the vehicle weight, understand the weights of the logic, can let the train is no longer the burn tool, Amoy exclusive experience:

pure blueA

card (2)

you have only a few hundred sales, you are suitable for thousands of sales in the next


and for large flow of keywords. Such as the key words of the shirt, it is best to put on the second page, because the first page of the competition is too fierce, it means that you will fall soon. On the second page about 18 positions, although it will decline, but the decline rate will be significantly slower. And its click rate is not bad. When the quality score from 10 points down to the time of the 9 points, this time you can put the ranking of a little bit, used to punch points, when the points go up again, put it back, as a long-term maintenance.

In theory, you should put the quality score high in front of

, and the low quality score in the back. This can save costs.

Of course,

has seen a great God said, the quality of the lower score on the front, can be used to drive high low or you can try to score low quality pictures do a little ugly, raise the price of a little below, followed in a picture of your high quality score, can be appropriate to reduce your first map the offer, but there may be malicious to click on your two figure, so, who is superior, to determine their own


Amoy blue ocean summed up a few of the car driving skills, a reasonable bid for the baby.

1 price card drag skills

2 reasonable layout bid

3 to avoid strong opponents

4 bid by effect data

1 price card drag skills as you all know the train fee deduction formula:

train actual deduction price = next quality score / your quality score * next bid +0.01

so from this >

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