Wuhan shop tax is a misreading of the first individual shop temporarily not taxed

Wuhan IRS days ago opened the first domestic tax on the individual shop Taobao online shop in a women’s collection of more than 430 million tax triggered network sellers collective loss, some shop owners even began to be registered migrationelsewhere, more owners fear, whether the land area of the Yangtze River delta developed will quickly follow the network transaction. In view of the doubts, the reporter from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of industry and commerce, taxation and other taobao.com confirmed to the outside of the taxes for online stores misunderstanding, in fact, be taxed, the operating entity shop online business, the IRS is levied by the entity enterprises last year’s value-added tax, corporate income tax, the tax is not the pure personal shop."

taobao.com PR for Joe Yan told reporters, Taobao shop is divided into three kinds: one is no business registration for individual sellers, two is a registered company personal shop, three stores online shops. After the two identical entities with the line, shall pay taxes according to law. But for the first kind of "pure personal shop", at present, China has not yet introduced specific measures for taxation. At the same time, the reporter from the Hangzhou Xihu District State Administration of Taxation Management Department was informed that currently they have not received any relevant to the notice from higher taxes for online stores, because the network trades, totally different from the traditional store transactions, so the way taxes for online stores, and taxes, are at the exploratory stage, inconclusive.

Zhejiang province

Industrial and Commercial Bureau network supervision department responsible person, in recent years, on the taxes for online stores doubts has not disappeared, especially in July 1st last year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services interim measures" after the implementation of the domestic network store into the "real" era, when widespread speculation this is a prelude to the taxes for online stores "". In fact, the real name system and the related tax, the real name system of e-commerce is one of the most basic requirements, the relevant departments of the real name registration of the shop and strengthen the supervision of consumers will feel more secure online shopping environment.

in recent years, the pace of development of online transactions can be described as rapid. According to the Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released a report last year, the online retail market transactions amounted to 513 billion 100 million yuan, compared to 2009 nearly doubled, the annual accounts for about 3% of the total retail sales of social commodities, is expected to reach 5% this year. In the face of such a massive transaction, the tax department can not regard as unimportant but in many online sellers, seems to "need not act with undue haste, taxes for online stores to grow because a shop will go on the road of industrial and commercial registration.

taobao.com a company called "Baodika" toy seller Zhong Wuzhen told reporters that his shop opened in January 2008, second annual sales exceeded 1 million yuan. Due to the larger scale of the shop, and then to carry out the business of personal identity inconvenience everywhere, such as unable to provide invoices to customers, etc.. Therefore, at the end of 2009, he went to the Hangzhou trade and Industry Bureau to apply for a business license, and in accordance with the general taxpayer status of tax law. Zhong Wu Ching said: "at Taobao, every year because the shop is bigger and the initiative is registered as a company to give too many to count. >

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