Taobao customer site a year of growth experience

to do a website now has more than two years, Taobao is also almost a year off. From the alimama came out, it has been concerned about, they launched the Taobao customer intimate contact with the first, in August last year, I started to do the first Taobao guest website, now almost a year, and the following we talk about my Taobao customer experience.

Taobao customers can really make money? There are a lot of questions, especially the novice webmaster. About two months ago alimama Amoy channel launched a list of commission, of course, alimama also want to attract more owners to join the. The top five Zhou Yongjin is full of temptation, the income should not blow off, Taobao does not make money webmaster can look oh; however, the purpose of alimama was achieved, with more and more owners to join, Taobao customers has become the Red Sea, the highest Commission of the Zhou Yongjin list from twenty-six thousand fall to seventeen thousand now about.

when we do Taobao guest, the use of DEDECMS, of course, do a lot of CMS station procedures, we can choose to use their own familiar, so get started faster. Since to do Taobao off the site, so the site is the main content of each commodity, a commodity of my website is added by hand, without the use of such a collection, you can edit a little in the process of adding, for this search included a good


products to add good, the site will be considered to promote, and no flow is zero. Some experience through their own accumulated before, as well as some exchanges with other guest, he selected three kind of propaganda:

first, Forum promotion, find some shopping forum rules before posting must watch the forum version, if the hair is to seal ID, of course, signature and head is available;

secondly, exchange links, and similar shopping website exchange links, search engine keywords ranking helpful;

finally, Wangwang mass, of course ID is frequently blocked, but the effect is obvious.

through three ways to promote the site slowly with traffic, a month later, the daily income also began to gradually rise from a few cents to a few dollars, basically every day with the transaction, the earliest we selected goods the main choice is the high turnover rate of goods, this kind of choice the goods of high conversion rate, but the Commission is as long as a few cents or even a few cents to the price of goods turnover rate is not high. Then we summed up, such a low turnover of more than 20 several commissions, as a commission of twenty or thirty yuan of goods, we gradually began in the selection of goods under the time, choose some high commission commodity promotion, commission income also began to slowly improve. Oh, now the server costs do not worry.

hope that the above but the experience for the novice to do a little help Taobao customers, I wish you better and better Revenue website

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