What conditions do you need to open a Taobao shop Pay attention to what steps

is now in the Taobao online shop is not what new things, every day there will be a lot of people into the family of Taobao, and some want to shop in Taobao on the novice, should the shop need to prepare the formalities, you have everything to win at the starting line. As for what procedures need to open a shop, which should pay attention to what steps? The following combination of my shop experience for everyone to do the analysis, we hope to bring some help.

first, prepare ID cards, bank cards and other personal information

ID must be ready, because Alipay, Taobao shop real name authentication authentication will be used to. Moreover, Taobao provides identity must be under the age of 18 can apply for the shop, if you are under 18 years old don’t worry, you can use the parents, relatives, friends or adult identity card shop, the premise is to pass their consent, no unauthorized use of certificates of others.

secondly, let’s talk about bank cards, this is more important. Bank card when you need to bring my ID card, if you are using someone else’s ID card to open a shop, then you need to bring someone else’s ID card. The bank card is recommended for the state-owned banks (CCB, ICBC, agricultural bank, postal can only need for a bank to the hall), tell the staff you need to apply for a bank card, they will give you an application form, you can be completed in accordance with the requirements of. However, there is a need to pay attention to the need to fill in the bank card application form when the phone number, this number must reserve their own.

two, Taobao account, Alipay needs to register the account

need to prepare the ID card, bank card, these are the most basic, then you need to practice to complete the Taobao and Alipay account, and the real name authentication.

first, we need to open Taobao, in the top left corner of the page to find free registration, and then follow the system prompts step by step can be completed, so you get a Taobao account. When you need to pay attention to the registration of the account, as a result of the password settings are more, it is recommended to keep the password in the notebook, or you have trouble behind.


three, Alipay, Taobao shop real name authentication

prepared above we can shop certification, first open the homepage taobao.com, the upper right corner to find "the seller Center – free shop", the first Alipay real name authentication, follow the prompts a step by step can be completed, the operation is relatively simple. The second step is to complete the shop certification, which needs to fill in the ID card related information, in addition, we also need to use a camera or cell phone to shoot a photo of the handheld ID uploaded to Taobao. Specific requirements as below: ID card hand body, ID positive and negative according to each one, finally submitted after the audit can upload.


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