Zhang Sijia a case study of Baidu as an example to promote the website

today we talk about how to use questions and answers website promotion, through the question and answer website promotion effect is very obvious. This kind of promotion is mainly to answer user problems, and simulate real user questions, then the answer to the promotion of the target user’s guide. Quiz website commonly used about Baidu know, SOSO ask, Sina, ask the question and answer, for many of the few sites. Today, we will take Baidu as an example to talk about how to use such sites to promote.

through Baidu know promotion is I used to do a common means of promotion. We do not promote the website or product or. Can not directly bring sales, we can do is to guide users through a variety of ways to promote our understanding of the site, products. And now do direct advertising promotion has not work, the best way is soft advertising. The soft advertising quiz website is a very good way, one quiz website is Baidu know, below I will explain in detail through the Baidu know the characteristics of the promotion and some matters need attention.

Baidu know promotion features:

1 precision: the accurate can understand so, in Baidu know to ask questions is the user. Each user will try to explain the most detailed issues they want to know. The more detailed the problem is clear, the more accurate the answer. We can see every problem as a long term, the question is put forward in the form of reply is a guide. We can use this answer to guide the user to our website or product.

2 has good reputation, high credibility: Baidu know is the users themselves according to the specific demand puts forward issues, Baidu through the reward mechanism for other users to know the interface, to solve the problem of the search mode. Because the user is a user oriented, so most of the questions are answered to the identity of the people to answer questions for the user. This credibility is relatively high.

3 SEM: auxiliary said before can treat each problem as a long tail word, why do you say that, Baidu know in Baidu search engine weight is very high, middle and low heat words are very easy to do good rankings. Baidu is a "care" for their own products, like Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu know Post Bar ah these products generally ranked very high, so we must try to use it on the spot. SEM is a very important point is the support of the third party site, and Baidu know is a good third party website.

Baidu know promotion step:

1: the first to register the vest, try to use different ID to register, the higher the level of the vest is good, but this is the need to raise.

2: use Ma3 jia3, according to his promotion to A content to create problems, this topic is very important, we must demonstrate to the promotion of the keywords. This is as far as possible

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