Jackson County Inmate Roster – 10-1-19

first_imgInmates booked into the Jail within the last 24 hours. Fee, Jordan R Booking #:102303 View Profile >>> Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 5:13 pm Inmates released from the Jail within the last 24 hours. Bond:No Bond View Profile >>> Charges:35-48-4-6 Possession Cocaine or Narcotic Smith-Wellner, Cody View Profile >>> Booking #:102179 View Profile >>> View Profile >>> View Profile >>> Booking #:102296 Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 10:58 am Bogard, Roy A Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 9:13 am View Profile >>> Charges:9-26-1-2 Leaving the Scene-Property Dam Release Date:09-30-2019 – 10:08 am Charges:35-38-2.3 Probation Violation (Adult) Polly, Darrell E Bond:No Bond Charges:9-26-1-2 Leaving the Scene-Property Dam View Profile >>> Charges:2 Transport Order-Adult Booking Date:09-14-2019 – 2:07 am Booking Date:09-26-2019 – 11:04 pm Bond:$1005 Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 6:50 pm Bond:No Bond Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 4:38 pm Woods, Jessica V Bond:No Bond Release Date:09-30-2019 – 8:53 am Woods, Jessica V Booking #:102299 View Profile >>> Booking #:102300 Bond:No Bond Newsome, Karla D Bond:No Bond Trayo, El-Rasheed Booking #:102297 Charges:1 Serve Time Circut Court View Profile >>> Booking #:102305 Trayo, El-Rasheed Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 7:32 pm Release Date:09-30-2019 – 8:53 am View Profile >>> Kwasniewski, Jennifer N Release Date:09-30-2019 – 8:08 pm Booking #:102296 Bond:$1505 Charges:35-48-4-6.1 Poss of Meth16-42-19-18 Poss of Syringe35-43-4-2.5(b) Auto Theft9-24-19-2 DWS- Prior Unrelated Violation35-44.1-2-4 False Identify Statement35-48-4-11 Possession Marijuana/Hashish35-48-4-8.3 Possession of Paraphernalia Booking #:102272 Bond:No Bond Clark, Abigail L View Profile >>> Charges:35-38-2.3 Probation Violation (Adult) Charges:16-42-19-18 Poss of Syringe35-48-4-6.1 Poss of Meth35-48-4-11 Possession Marijuana/Hashish35-48-4-8.3 Possession of Paraphernalia35-45-1-5 Common Nuisance35-44.1-2-4 False Identify Statement3 Out of County Hold35-43-4-2 B Stolen Property;Poss/sell/reci9-24-19-2 DWS- Prior Unrelated Violation Chadd, Jacquelyn A Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 10:19 am Booking #:102301 Booking #:102298 Release Date:09-30-2019 – 10:08 am Bond:No Bond Booking #:102302 Bond:No Bond Bond:$1505 Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 4:40 pm Booking Date:08-22-2019 – 11:02 am Booking Date:09-30-2019 – 9:13 am Charges:2 Transport Order-Adult Charges:9-30-5-3 Operating Vehicle Intox/Prior9-30-5-1 BAC .08% to .14% Charges:35-38-2.3 Probation Violation (Adult) Charges:3 Out of County Hold Sherman-Russell, Mitchell E Booking Date:10-01-2019 – 1:19 am Bond:No Bond Booking #:102008 View Profile >>>last_img

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