The general methods and techniques of enterprise website promotion

I was born in e-commerce, although I can not say that the e-commerce experts, but I have also been in contact with the e-commerce for so many years. At the very least, it’s been 6 years.

has been dealing with e-commerce all day long since I was in College for 03 years. Although I can not to the electronic commerce this handy, but from my two years to work on a company’s website, what, "careless" (this is polite and actual said oh) of electronic business promotion or not ". I have so many words will not say more, here I put me in so more time and experience, we generally do reference method, described as follows:

, 1 – Post Bar website promotion promotion: search relevant website column content Post Bar, post. Find similar Post Bar, such as: Sina, QQ, and other Post Bar posts;

2, website promotion – know promotion: find the relevant web site content answer questions, insist on hair every day about 10. Find a similar know, such as Sina, YAHOO know, QQ ask ask;

3, website promotion – submit url: to the site navigation station to submit the site, such as:,, if you have time you can search hundreds of site navigation, submit your website;

4, increase the PR value chain: find counterparts, the flow is good, often update the reciprocal link exchange, insist on step by step;

5, search engine: landing the major search engines, including dogs, Baidu, YAHOO, MSN, Sogou, etc.;

6, email: bulk email title to attract attention, the content is simple, using the format of HTML is better, QQ mailbox can group all members of a mass email, can add N to the QQ group, group mail;

7, BBS: community forum posts to high quality promotion attention, not recklessly let people misunderstand the ads, use the picture or signature, write on their website name and address; appropriate time, can use a few account to promotion. Reference:, bubble forum community, Tianya forum, Xicihutong, CHINAREN;

8, video promotion: the production of movies, MTV, or tutorials and other videos, and their own site to do a good job, to the Internet to provide people to download;

9, soft Wen publicity: write a few soft, few papers attached to their websites and other information, and through various publicity through various channels of Admin5 DoNews techweb technology and information website;


chat group: make full use of QQ, Ali Wangwang, MSn, bubble mass tool, send a lot of information;

11, download promotion: select some of the contents of the site designed to e-books, download, enter

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