How to break the site did not see orders

network marketing is developing along with the development of information technology, China has thousands of companies have joined the Internet and involves network marketing, among them with the computer industry, communication industry, the financial industry is more common.

in the enterprise information and network marketing under the impact of the wave, China’s small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing consciousness gradually awakening, have established enterprise website, and the website company information, product information, purchase information, to look forward to order the door, a surge in sales profit continuously. Between the ideal and the reality there is a certain gap between enterprises, to achieve the so-called information, establish a real website after the order is really have the door? Realize the leaping development of enterprise sales performance, really? After doing a lot of market research, we can find that a lot of enterprises, will be helpless even confuse to tell you that the website was established, sales did not pick up what. The main reason is the following: release information completely by manual operation, the efficiency is too low; the comprehensive and professional trade platform with less information about the object is limited; with the intention of the customer, but not very well in time the customer data classification, sorting and filing.

today’s society is not fish, but the fish eat slow fish. Speed has become an important factor for enterprises to seize the market to some extent. Then, has joined the ranks of the network marketing enterprises, to change the "one site built, not to order" of the situation, and < < network marketing software business space > > it should be required for the enterprise. And it is to solve the problem of the medicine, is designed to help small and medium-sized office the enterprise to expand the market by Internet is a set of network marketing tools, specifically the following four significant commercial value:

for production, manufacturing enterprises, < < business time and space network marketing system > > can help enterprises to solve many problems in the production process, improve business conditions. The overstock of products is an important factor which restricts the development of production and manufacturing enterprises. Because of the information transfer is not timely, many enterprises are difficult to grasp peer product research and development and production, it is difficult to grasp the market demand, so the formation of a large number of goods in stock, blocking the enterprise capital good operation, make the enterprise is in a mess. Now, with the Internet business space and time the advantages of high speed information, its powerful information, product report function, can quickly collect similar products production situation, market demand, help enterprise production decision. At the same time, business space can also be released product information quickly to the business website more than 2 thousand famous at home and abroad, to open a smooth accumulation of the cost in the warehouse Avenue, revitalize the enterprise funds, promote the efficient operation of enterprises.

for trade types of enterprises, < < business space network marketing system > > for the domestic and foreign traders, or both together to create a direct commercial opportunity. Companies that trade types often need a

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