The concept of industrial clusters is now a hot B2C

B2C in recent years, the war intensified, especially in the domestic B2C the originator of the apparel industry, from the original shirt, trousers, women’s shoes, up to now, almost every kind of products fields have made B2C famous giant enterprise. Today, another major landmark of high-end clothing products – leather, but also can not afford to live in the wave of B2C surge, the rise of a new online marketing force – Online Leather City (

said that if other clothing B2C enterprises have a huge risk investment background or by a well-known clothing enterprise development strategy and let the industry marvel, so the establishment of online leather city is a lot more, because behind it is sitting on the largest leather products market – Zhejiang Haining leather city.

online leather city young CEO Han Jiaming said: "the Internet into the leather city 20 billion of the online shopping market, this is another big Haining leather city expansion on the road; Haining Leather City committed to create a" Chinese leather fashion DreamWorks’, in the domestic leather industry has the highest brand cluster effect, in this drive next, will promote online leather city to achieve leapfrog development."

online leather city line Haining Leather City airborne

for the people who love the leather clothing, Haining leather city has been their dream shopping paradise. Because here is Chinese so far the largest leather professional market, the national leather industry leading market, is the center of the national leather clothing, fur clothing, leather bags, fur and leather products. Only here can really feel the world leather that spectacular colorful scenes everywhere.

but due to geographical restrictions and time, and not all love leather consumers have the opportunity to come to Haining Leather City, every year only a few people can come here to feel the joy of shopping paradise leather. But now, with the establishment of online Leather City, which undoubtedly will like the huge Haining Leather City in the moment airborne consumer’s eyes, people stay at home, can enjoy the tour to Haining.

it is understood that the operation of online leather city and Haining leather city ground development thinking is very similar. The product from the Internet on the leather city but not like looking for OEM products VANCL, not to buy shoes that by the enterprise’s own design and production, but by all the domestic well-known brand leather products directly. To create a leather product is mainly based on the online department store.

Han Jiaming said: Online leather city is to create a network of Haining leather city external interaction window, to the Haining Leather City, including all the essence of the brand." At present, including Hongkong red dragonfly, Kebin Kurt Tiger Jens, shengni leather, leather, Ai Rui, and Loti, thousands of Iraqi Golan costumes, Scarecrow and a series of well-known brand debut in online leather city. Consumers as long as the click of a mouse, it can be the name >

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