also talk about the integrity of Taobao self examination action

first, I’m not Taobao’s support, secondly, to take turns please don’t take my family well, less than the crime family, thank you! These days, the integrity of the Internet’s most fire self action news is Taobao’s "". The day before, as Asia’s largest network of retail shopping district, with 130 million members launched the "integrity self action, action including members of self-examination and review Taobao etc., batch delete, false credit the prudent, improve the credit system.

as everyone knows, since 2003 the establishment of, from the mouth of the credit evaluation system to the third party payment system based on the creation of Alipay, and then to the escalating consumer protection plan, Taobao has been in perfect good faith system. I am a supporter of e-commerce, although the number of online transactions is limited, Dangdang bought a book, Taobao bought clothes. Admittedly, there is a part of the manager in selling fake Taobao, or defective. There are a number of companies and individuals dedicated to rely on fried credit for life, and thus derived a gray industrial chain. This is Taobao has been criticized in the process of development, just before the business is small, with the passage of time, the development of Taobao, which has been a long-standing credit Taobao indulged into cancer, must be fundamentally remediation! The "integrity checking action" to launch the 130 million users of Taobao power, fight and destroy this gray industry chain. When we no longer believe in the news on the newspaper, the trust of the government and the people on the chain collapse, when we no longer believe that Taobao business reputation, Taobao is not far from the crash.

but by "honest self-examination" is certainly not reliable, is not the future of the review by the title.

has closed more than 10 thousand stores as a result of Taobao’s self-examination. Taobao may not be able to say that those who do not cheat shop, but I doubt whether his evidence to ensure that the error will not be a seal! Taobao has been said that the financial crisis is coming, we go up shop. The results we have much long stampede in the shop, earn money, the financial crisis is not over, and so a self-examination action! Get jittery! In fact, personally feel that this cut gray industrial chain the lifeblood of the action can change the method, even quietly low-key O!

still remember how Baidu is treated as the so-called "cheating station", a mention of this, I believe that many webmaster think of a lot of black hat SEO website. Brush credibility is equivalent to the search engine spam sites and cheating. Baidu has never been self-examination, a word, K!

Taobao search site itself is a very high level of search engine, can professional shopping search in Taobao search! Department can ponder, change their algorithm, according to the credit score calculation, such as virtual goods transactions and physical trading in a credit score. If Taobao found a store of fraud and credit behavior, quietly let all the search results did not show good static, no sound, you can brush credit, but your credit score is not, than the Taobao customer service department by credit.

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