How to do the promotion of the old Xie soft

some companies often engage in activities, often in advance and afterwards do some publicity for his soft campaign, and even some enterprises have specialized departments and staff to do the media, because the relationship between the industry, I often encounter this kind of situation. Network soft Wen from the newspaper soft Wen, is some enterprises to improve the company or enterprise activity awareness and the production of soft advertising, in most of the media, this kind of article is classified as advertising. General soft qualitative method for the newspaper: an article in reference to related enterprise need if covers three or more, or it may be as soft, in the network media, there are lessons, but also increase the mention of companies are not allowed to have links to other requirements. Of course, as well as the phone, the number of enterprises in the article appeared in the times, etc.. In view of this kind of restriction more strict situation, how does the enterprise do own propaganda soft text?

1, the use of blog to do their own soft.

with the popularity of the blog in the people, the use of blog to build their own propaganda position is the trend. In some countries, blogs have been used as a kind of media, and some people have become full-time journalists of blogs. Enterprises can be based on the industry in which the industry, in some of the big BSP (blog) to establish their own propaganda positions. Such as: your customers in the grass family, you can be in Baidu space inside; if your customers tend to entertainment or people over the age of 30, you can consider Sina; if your customer base for the IT class, can be considered and etc.. Of course, if you have a full-time staff, you can work together at the same time. When the blog to build up, should not be the same as advertising every day to promote your business and products, you should put the stage to build the cost of communication between enterprises and related groups of users. If things go on like this can bring relevant returns for the enterprise. Of course, really do blog is a skill, Qin Love Blog has set off a few, you can learn about.

2, the use of blog so that you do soft.

is generally regarded as a blog site, both from its guidance and search engine friendly aspects are very good. You can run this through some aspects of the business contact the company to sell advertising topic (come up with a well defined activities, some write thoughts), calculated according to each blog article on the Internet 50 yuan, 200 yuan a piece of soft advertising can be put into four bloggers, unilateral ratio is not worthwhile, because of traffic and search portal site weight is very high, but if your activity is relatively large, there are thousands of yuan of the budget, you can settle accounts. Another way is you regularly collected or concerned with your industry and product is related to the blog, and contact them directly to their manuscripts, when you have a large number of this blog, your benefit and effect will come out. In contrast, Qin love recommend this practice.

3, the use of soft news direct contribution value.


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