Scotia iTRADE new top online discount brokerage: Surviscor

Scotia iTRADE earned a score of 87%, taking the top spot for the first time in the history of the scorCard and dethroning past winner Qtrade Investor. Qtrade was the runner up in the third quarter, with a score of 80%. “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a major push from the industry. Scotia iTRADE not only pushed, it ran away with the title,” said Glenn LaCoste, president of Surviscor. “They did themselves proud and are well deserving of the top spot.” BMO InvestorLine and TD Waterhouse came in third and forth place respectively, with scores of 77% each. Credential Direct was 5th, with 74%, and RBC Direct Investing received a score of 72% for the 6th spot. Scotia iTRADE earned the top spot in three of seven main categories that were assessed as part of the scorCard: website design, account services and website transactions. The company’s new website represents “a new industry level,” according to Surviscor, “and will have many looking up to the new bar.” “To be recognized by Surviscor as Canada’s number one rated online brokerage firm in the industry is a proud moment for Scotia iTRADE,” said Bob Grant, managing director and head of global online brokerage at Scotiabank. “The award is tremendous validation for the incredibly hardworking team who developed and refined the superb online brokerage trading experience which we offer Canadian online investors. We’re extremely appreciative to our loyal clients who have shared very positive feedback with us on our new trading platform, and we remain dedicated to delivering market leading offerings to online investors.” TD Waterhouse earned the highest marks in two of the seven main categories: market intelligence and online resources. BMO InvestorLine beat its competitors in the ‘getting started’ category, and Virtual Brokers won for cost of services. TD Waterhouse has topped the scorCard in past years, but has declined in the rankings as a result of having “rested on its laurels” over the past few years, according to Surviscor. In last place on the scorCard was Laurentian Bank Direct Brokerage, with a score of just 26%. Scotia iTRADE has surged ahead of its competitors in the online discount brokerage space, thanks to a newly designed website that raises the bar for the whole industry, according to the recently released Surviscor Q3-2012 Online Discount Brokerage scorCard. In the review of discount brokerage websites by the Toronto-based research and business intelligence firm, 14 firms’ websites were assessed for features and functionality. BMO’s adviceDirect launches premium service Keywords Discount brokerages Family of novice investor who killed himself sue Robinhood Biden’s pick for SEC flags trading-app gimmicks for scrutiny Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Related news Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Megan Harman read more

Rugged sensor available

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It’s a ‘steel’ for EXG

first_imgThe total weight of the shipment was 1,320 tons (1,197 tonnes). The consignment included 450 polyethylene-coated steel pipes, which measured approximately 12 m in length and weighed 1.8 tons (1.6 tonnes) each; and 450 bare steel pipes, also 12 m long and each weighing 1.3 tons (1.2 tonnes).EXG’s scope of work involved inland haulage to Kandla port and storage of the cargo. The company also arranged the vessel and ocean transport to France. EXG is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India. read more

Watch Dillian Whyte’s uncontrollable fit of laughter over Wilder’s loss to Tyson Fury as he says ‘he got beat up so bad’

first_img People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 10 Best Travel Destinations in Taiwan Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heels Source: Boxing – Funny Moments Of Football Animals are so funny that you can die of laughtercenter_img 10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures! DEONTAY WILDER is getting no sympathy from Dillian Whyte as the Body Snatcher was left in hysterics when discussing his loss to Tyson Fury.The WBC mandatory challenger, 31, was robbed of the chance to inflict a first defeat on the Bronze Bomber after the Gypsy King destroyed him in seven rounds.Dillian Whyte was left in hysterics when discussing Deontay Wilder’s defeat to Tyson FuryWilder, 35, has sensationally blamed the defeat by Fury on his ring-walk costume, as he claimed it weakened his legs ahead of the first bell.And Whyte has been left in disbelief by his excuse, as he was filmed in fits of laughter when asked about the fight by Sky Sports.Whyte, failing to hold back tears, said: “I’m just laughing because he got beat up so bad.”Commenting on Wilder’s excuse, he added: “You’re a grown man. Your outfit, you try it on before the fight. For that kind of outfit, you need at least three, four fittings.“You’re telling me, somewhere between those three, four fittings, he didn’t think ‘uh, this is a bit heavy, it might affect my legs.’NOT PART OF THE DILL“He just talks c**p. It’s the same weight as a backpack. I think in the army, the backpack they carry is 60 or 70 kilos or something and those guys march in a backpack for days and they are half the size of him. “It just shows you how much rubbish the guy talks. How deluded he is. How can an outfit wear your legs down? He should do what Tyson done, make someone take him to the ring.”Whyte – who has been WBC mandatory since 2017 – has revealed he is still keen to face the 2008 Olympic bronze medallist, with or without the green and gold belt on the line.He said: “I’m disappointed, but I will still fight the guy. I’ve waited so long to fight the guy. I’ve been chasing him for so long and he’s such a coward.“I’ll still fight him. Belt or no belt. It’s more than the belt with him.Deontay Wilder confirms he DOES want Tyson Fury rematch before end of July and may axe trainer who threw in towel“He didn’t want to give me the shot when he was champion, so he might give me a shot now he’s not champion.“It is disappointing, because Tyson Fury did what I’ve been saying I could do to him and did it, not exactly the way I would have done it, because I’d have knocked him out.“If I’d had him hurt, I would have had a proper shootout with him, and I would have knocked him out. Tyson stopped him in good fashion on his feet, but I would have stopped him on the floor.”Watch Dillian Whyte’s reactions to Tyson Fury’s win vs Deontay Wilder Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017 Amazing Controlled Building Demolition You Probably Haven’t Seen Beforelast_img read more

Todd back to defend his Utah Championship title

first_imgOne of the frustrations of the Nationwide Tour is that the best players move up to the PGA Tour and you rarely get to see the defending champion or former champions at your tournament from year to year.That won’t be the case at the Utah Championship at Willow Creek Country Club this week.Not only will defending champion Brendan Todd be playing in this year’s event, but so will the two previous champions, Craig Kanada (2007) and Garrett Willis (2006).Also several regulars from the PGA Tour will be competing, including Jason Gore, Mark Brooks, Eric Axley, Scott Gutschewski, Peter Tomasulo and Colt Knost.The 72-hole Utah Championship officially begins Thursday and runs through Sunday.However, there will be a full week’s worth of activities with pro-ams scheduled for Monday and Wednesday with qualifying tournaments on Tuesday at Glen Eagle and Valley View golf courses.The upgraded field is because of the PGA Tour schedule with the “playoffs” for the FedEx Cup being played. A limited field will be competing this week at the BMW Championship in Illinois. That allows players such as Todd, who is down the money list, to play again on the Nationwide Tour.Tournament director Mike Smith point out that with the season winding down, the competition will be intense for spots on next year’s PGA Tour with most of the top players in Utah this week.”We have a very good field,” said Smith. These players are the future stars of the PGA Tour, and our tournament provides local golf fans with an opportunity to see them play right here in our own backyard.”Several of the past champions in Utah have gone on to successful careers on the PGA Tour, including Zach Johnson, Brett Wetterich and John Daly.This year’s tournament with a total purse of $550,000 will again be broadcast live around the country on The Golf Channel. More than 20 hours of coverage are currently scheduled, including live coverage of the final two rounds.Among the local players in the field are Daniel Summerhays, a Nationwide Tour regular; Clay Ogden, who received one of the sponsor’s exemptions; and Steve Schneiter, Mark Owen and Dave DeSantis, who earned spots from the Utah PGA.e-mail: [email protected]last_img read more


first_img…Working Girls’ DayBet you didn’t know that Sunday, June 2nd, was “International Whores Day”, or (more leftist!)“International Sex Workers Day”. And that’s too bad. In an age when the British and Canadian Consulates can join our LBTQ community and march through the streets of Georgetown to push “Gay Pride”, we still have a whole community of folks who are stigmatised for EARNING a living!!Now, sex work didn’t just pop up, did it? Selling one’s body (or various parts of it) for sex – dubbed “prostitution” – is accepted as the world’s oldest profession!! There isn’t a civilisation on earth without sex workers. In[RD1] fact, some of them – notably Chinese and Indian – were called “concubines”, and were highly trained before they could practise their profession. Music, poetry, and the arts were only a few of the subjects on their curriculum.But, even before then, patriarchal norms had become entrenched, and women’s bodies had been claimed by males, and they decided what the females could do with their own bodies. Did you even think of that?Every day of the week, good citizens are admired for going out and “selling their labour” for “wages”. But what’s this “labour” we sell? Can it be separated from our bodies? It really can’t, can it?It all comes down to the negative value judgement placed on “sex work” – it’s “sinful”. And that’s the nub of the problem, isn’t it?Some folks insist that the morality coming out of some tribal customs two millennia ago should dictate what women can do with their bodies today. But even here, there are some anomalies in Guyanese law. While prostitution is prohibited explicitly for males – who can’t even engage in the sex act with each other, much less sell the services — there is a more circuitous prohibition for women. For them, it’s forbidden for anyone to run “brothels” or “bawdy houses” (Criminal Offences Act s 357; Summary Jurisdiction (Offenses) Act, §165), and working girls can be rounded up and shamed.Remember Simona “I is” Broomes raiding that hotel in Bartica and dragging those girls to Georgetown, claiming they were being trafficked”?? And, of course, as the recently departed social activist Andaiye pointed out, eventually the girls were actually charged for passport violations!!It was shaming the working girls and penalising the hotel owner for allegedly running a “bawdy house”!Now, Guyana is supposed to have a Sex Workers Coalition, and your Eyewitness had hoped they would’ve been in the streets on Sunday demanding that sex work not be driven underground – where the workers can really be exploited.Sex workers of the world, unite!! You have nothing to lose but your chains of shame!!…the savage infightingThey say “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”, but from bits and pieces seeping out of the closed doors of the AFC Headquarters — the one donated by that pharma importer in Kitty – it looks like the fury of scorned women has nothing on that of a scorned lackey!! Nagamootoo and his erstwhile bestie, Ramjattan, we know are locked in a deadly struggle to be the PM candidate for the PNC-led coalition. Kinda like a puppy-sized Guyana version of Godzilla vs Ghidorah!!They assume, of course, that the PNC would again choose their Indian Guyanese token PM candidate from the AFC – rather a huge assumption, given their meltdown in support!! But rather than openly duking it out – if not with pistols at ten paces, then maybe in a debate – the two of them are using surrogates in the lead-up to their General Convention to control the delegates who’ll be voting for one or the other.This weekend, seems that Nagamootoo’s water boy and attack hound wasn’t even elected to be a delegate!!“Livid” isn’t even in the same universe!!…the Army brassWe know Granger was once head of the army. But does he have to micro-manage our forces to the extent he decides when a private gets leave?What does this do to the forces’ morale and initiative?last_img read more

Consumating Closing Quietly, Demonstrates Another Side of a Startup’s Life

first_imgWe like startups and innovation here at RWW so we try to pay attention to the news good and bad about what tech entrepreneurs are up to. It certainly seemed strange then that almost no one but its users and the intrepid Andy Baio seemed to notice that the CNet-acquired hipster dating/social site Consumating announced that it will close down in mid March.Movie reviewer Ben Brown founded Consumating some time between 2003 and 2005, as a joke, unless he’s joking about it being a joke. This is the Bay Area we’re talking about, so from an outside and sane perspective it’s hard to know what’s real. The point is that this joker got his site acquired by CNet in December 2005, it continued to grow slowly and now it’s going to end. Users will have an opportunity to export all their data in CSV format, in case they find anyone else who will take it. There do seem to be some philosophical questions remaining, however.Has the Consumating Community Been Wronged?Andy Baio asks the following: A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Even though Consumating never found a huge audience or revenue, it’s worth noting that it still has a dedicated following that loves the site, uses it every day, and formed offline relationships because of it. It’s unfortunate that CNET couldn’t find a way to keep the site online, even if that meant handing it back to the users that made it special. Since online communities are built on top of user’s contributions and social interactions, it raises the question: are companies responsible for keeping community website alive, even after they cease to be strategically desirable?Answer: No. No more than they are responsible to share the ad revenue on user generated content sites in the event that any money is made. Despite the principled demands by some power users, I think that revenue sharing either is or isn’t part of the contract with users when they sign up. They know that. On YouTube no one expects a cut of the money. On Rever…well, never mind.Likewise, CNet/Consumating’s allowing easy export of user data is good form but surely no one would argue that they are under any obligation to keep an underperforming property alive. The internet may be about democratization of communication and community but in reality things are more complicated than that. The unspoken but widely understood assumption of every user who uses and contributes to a service hosted on someone else’s servers is that it all might go away some day. We just want to be able to take our data with us when we hear the words “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”Does this suck, anyway?I’m sure it does for many of the people who enjoyed the site, though reactions in comments on the announcement were very kind. Perhaps those users can take their socializing over to Twitter, where the quality of service will often make them wish it would die.Consumating was cool. It did things with tagging and questions that don’t seem so unusual today but were less common when the site launched. There’s a Consumating feel over at GetSatisfaction, I feel like, and probably elsewhere around the web, too. Maybe I just don’t know how to take a joke, though. [continued after clichéd profile image below]Is there a message here for entrepreneurs?Yes. Add this to the list of reasons that getting involved with bigger companies is not pure fun. Presumably no one central to Consumating, or other startups acquired then shut-down, is too heart broken since this risk is part of the deal. If you sold the company then the money was more important to you than the future of the company and that’s ok.I want to see a user-centric model emerge with strength on the web but it’s going to have to be either economically viable or go on in a nonprofit environment – and nonprofits tend not to be much fun. Such is life, whatever happened to Tribe (?) and thanks for reading.It sure is interesting, though, that almost no one noticed. One minute you’re getting acquired by the people and the next… Tags:#Analysis#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting marshall kirkpatrick Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Hulu To Earn Up to $90M In First Year

first_img….But It’s Not A Success Story Yet! To the average user,, the free web site that offers high-quality streams of TV shows and movies in the U.S., looks like a runaway success: the selection of available content is more than decent, Hulu’s Collections make browsing related videos easy, HD videos have been made available, embed codes are provided for re-posting the videos on the web, and the site gets a good amount of traffic, too. In fact, Hulu’s CEO reported in March that 5 million visitors watched videos on the site during the past 30 days while the service was still in beta, and that number has been increasing ever since. Today, Hulu is reporting that they saw 63 million streams during their first month of measurement, April 2008 – that’s a lot of eyeballs! Unfortunately, it’s not enough to label the site a success.Despite the number of visitors and streams, Hulu’s success doesn’t translate into big business – at least not yet. A recent Silicon Alley Insider article is speculating that Hulu will earn between $45 – 90 million during their first 12 months – April 2008 through March 2009. However, after paying off their content partners, their net revenue will be between $12.5 million and $25 million. (For how they arrived at those numbers, click here).While those numbers aren’t bad for a startup, as the article points out, they’re not great for transforming Hulu into a wildly successful business, especially when you compare it to the “pay-for-content” iTunes model, which apparently turned a $570 million profit last year. Of course, iTunes’ library is much larger, but it still shows that there is big money to be made by charging for content.The problem with Hulu really has nothing to do with its design – sleek and easy to use – the problem is the tight stranglehold networks still have over their content. Major networks CBS and Disney (ABC) are not even on board yet and the networks that have joined yank their content down after it’s five weeks old. Instead of offering an online site that competes, not just with television, but also with our trusty DVRs that can record and save every episode of a show, Hulu only offers a smattering of hit-or-miss content where you’re not even guaranteed to find the one episode you came to the site in search of in the first place. Case in point: Family Guy’s “Blue Harvest” episode, a Star Wars parody, became so popular that it’s been released as a standalone DVD. Even though having that episode alone could drive scores of visitors to Hulu’s site, it’s nowhere to be found. But do you know where it can be found in a matter of minutes? BitTorrent.So, Hulu loses to the pirates when it comes to content and it can’t even compete when it comes to offering a legal alternative to watching TV online either, since other networks don’t want to participate, happy to host their streaming content on their own web sites or – in the case of some smaller networks – not at all. Well, maybe Hulu doesn’t really want to be a huge money-making machine. After all, isn’t the internet all about serving the long tail? And the advertisers seem happy enough for now as it is. For example, a P&G spokesperson reported that the company, a partner since the beta launch, has so far been “pleased with the results from Hulu” and “will continue to evaluate it as a way to reach our consumer.” Perhaps Hulu just wants to stay in the black while hoping to make a small dent in the number of users rampantly pirating video. As Hulu grows in popularity, their bandwidth, marketing costs, and overhead will increase as well, and it will remain a struggle for the company to earn revenue. But if they can’t make a successful business out of providing legal online video, then who will? Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… sarah perez Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img Tags:#Features#Product Reviews#Trends#Video Services#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

August 8 2014Construction crew leader Paolo Van E

first_imgAugust 8, 2014Construction crew leader Paolo Van Erp’s latest project is a new railing for the roof of Unit 6 in the East Crescent.The elements have slowly nibbled at what once was a sturdy wooden railing on the west edge right above the keystone and it needs to be replaced.  [Keystone is the open space between five units on the West part and five units on the East side of the East Crescent].The construction crew, which includes some of the workshop participants, puts up scaffolding in the keystone to reach the places where the old wooden railing is mounted to the wall.Paolo Van Erp and workshop participant Lucas Klein welded together pieces of the new railing in the metalshop and are carrying a section up to the roof to fit it into place.[photos and text by Sue Kirsch]Paolo grinds the railing at welding spots to prepare for a good clean connection.Here we see the new railing leaning against the old wooden railing and the existing white railing which has to be connected.Report continues on Monday August 11. 2014.last_img read more